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May-2006The application of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in counselling: Some findings of a pilot studyTan, Oon Seng ; Lui, Elena Hah Wah
Dec-1999Assessing the assessment of well-being of Singapore secondary school students: Some findings of a NIE longitudinal studyLui, Elena Hah Wah
May-2016Be happy and healthy: Gems in lifelong learningLui, Elena Hah Wah
1985Book review [Review of the book Counselling: A problem-solving approach, by D. N. Dixon & J. A. Glover]Lui, Elena Hah Wah
1988The development of a new measure of pupils' self-esteem in Singapore secondary schoolsLui, Elena Hah Wah
1989The effectiveness of two approaches of career self-concept enhancementLui, Elena Hah Wah
1992K2 children's learning of national identity in SingaporeLui, Elena Hah Wah
Dec-1996"LIFE-LONG LEARNING": The Singapore wayLui, Elena Hah Wah
1985A measure of self-esteem in Singapore secondary schoolsLui, Elena Hah Wah
1985Norming of test with primary one pupilsPoh, Sui Hoi; Khor, Peter Sinn Yeou; Lam, Peter Tit Loong; Lui, Elena Hah Wah; Soh, Kay Cheng; Tan, Esther; Yip, Katherine; Tan, Wee Kiat
2005Positive social climate for enhancing students' math self-concept: some research findingsLui, Elena Hah Wah; Lim, Kam Ming ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Toh, Tin Lam 
Mar-1991Professionals' involvement and networking in career guidanceLui, Elena Hah Wah
Nov-1998Psychological well-being and self-esteem of secondary school students in SingaporeLui, Elena Hah Wah; Cheng, Yuan Shan
Sep-2000Self-literacy: The key to success in the KBELui, Elena Hah Wah
Nov-1996Singapore teachers working overseas: Are they happy?Lui, Elena Hah Wah
Nov-2003Students’ math self-concept and correlates: Some preliminary findingsLui, Elena Hah Wah; Liu, Woon Chia ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Toh, Tin Lam 
Oct-1976Understanding our pupilsLui, Elena Hah Wah
Nov-1991“We love Singapore!”: K-2 children's learning of national identity in a multiracial societyLui, Elena Hah Wah
Aug-1988小学生学习华文 (第二语文) 的心理障碍 (Pupils’ affective barriers in learning)Lui, Elena Hah Wah