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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Implicit social cognition as a predictor of academic performanceManu Kapur; Cvencek, Dario
Jun-2016Investigating analogical problem posing as the generative task in the Productive Failure designHuang, Jun Song; Lam, Rachel Jane; Manu Kapur
2020Investigating the generation-first-instruction-later method for its effects on learning and transfer: A proposal to study analogical reasoning as the generation taskHuang, Jun Song; Lam, Rachel; Manu Kapur
Jun-2010Learning as an emergent phenomenon: Methodological implicationsManu Kapur; Jacobson, Michael J.
2015Learning from productive failureManu Kapur
Jul-2012Learning innovation diffusion as complex adaptive systems through model building, simulation, game play and reflectionsHuang, Jun Song; Manu Kapur
2020Nonlinear pedagogy and its relevance for the new PE curriculumChow, Jia Yi ; Teo-Koh, Sock Miang; Tan, Clara Wee Keat; Button, Chris; Tan, Benjamin Su-Jim; Manu Kapur; Meerhoff, Rens; Choo, Corliss Zhi Yi
2019Nonlinear pedagogy and its relevance for the new PE curriculum.Chow, Jia Yi ; Teo-Koh, Sock Miang; Tan, Clara Wee Keat; Tan, Benjamin Su-Jim; Button, Chris; Meerhoff, Rens; Manu Kapur; Choo, Corliss Zhi Yi
Jun-2010Ontologies as scale free networks: Implications for theories of conceptualManu Kapur; Jacobson, Michael J.
2010Playing epistemic games in science and mathematics classroomsBielaczyc, Katerine; Manu Kapur
2004Problem-based collaboration in an online computer supported environment: A case studyManu Kapur
2003Problem-based collaboration in an online computer-supported environment : a case studyManu Kapur
Jul-2012Productive FailureManu Kapur
Apr-2010Productive failure in learning the concept of varianceManu Kapur; Lee, June
Jul-2007Sensitivities to early exchange in synchronous computer-supportedManu Kapur; Voiklis, John; Kinzer, Charles K.
Jun-2014Towards a complex systems meta-theory of learning as an emergent phenomenon: Beyond the cognitive versus situative debateJacobson, Michael J.; Manu Kapur; Reimann, Peter
2018Translating productive failure in the Singapore A-level statistics curriculumLee, Ngan Hoe ; Chua, Lai Choon; Manu Kapur; Lam, Rachel Jane; Zhu, Ying; Yeo, Dennis Kah Sin