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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Jadi apa akuMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
1996Jatuh [Fall]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
-K.G.M.S.Zubir Said; Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
23-Nov-1982Kaedah mengajar (1) [Teaching methods (1)]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
24-Nov-1982Kaedah mengajar (2): Sukatan pelajaran dan skima pengajaran [Teaching methods (2): Syllabus and teaching scheme]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
26-Nov-1982Kaedah mengajar (3): Persediaan mengajar dan lingkaran sistem pendekatan [Teaching methods (3): Teaching preparation and its systematic approach]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
Nov-1982Kaedah mengajar (4): Teknik perancangan pengajaran [Teaching methods (4): Techniques for lesson plans]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
23-Nov-1982Kaedah mengajar pelajaran ugama [Teaching methods for religious knowledge]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
24-Apr-1982Kaedah mengajar: Tatabahasa [Method of teaching grammar]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
-Kata alu-aluan: Malam Senandung Deli [Welcome speech: Senandung Deli Night]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
22-Oct-1963Kata sambutanMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
1985Kata seerti dan kata berlawan dalam bahasa MelayuMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
-Kata seerti dan kata berlawan dalam bahasa Melayu [Synonyms and antonyms in Malay]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
6-Jun-1992Kata singkatan [About: Word abbreviation]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
26-Jun-1999Ke arah pemuliharaan nilai (budaya) Melayu Singapura [Towards the preservation of Malay cultural values in Singapore]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
27-Mar-1988Ke arah penyempurnaan pengajaran bahasa [Towards perfecting the teaching of language]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
1-Apr-1977Kebudayaan dan masyarakat [Culture and society]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
1960Kebudayaan MelayuMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
19-Apr-1996Kebudayaan Melayu kini dalam kehidupan di Singapura [Malay culture in contemporary Singapore]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad
1981Kebudayaan Melayu sebagai unit kecil dalam kebudayaan Singapura [Malay culture as a small unit in Singapore's culture]Muhammad Ariff bin Ahmad