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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns of Singaporean adolescentsLye, Jamie Ching TingMukherjee, SwarupChia, Michael, 1963-
2020A prospective longitudinal study of mobile touch screen device use and musculoskeletal symptoms and visual health in adolescentsToh, Siao HuiCoenen, PieterHowie, Erin K.Smith, Anne J.Mukherjee, SwarupMackey, David A.Straker, Leon M.
2015Retrospective designs in sports injury surveillance studies: All is not lostMukherjee, Swarup
2016Sports injuries in youth athletes: The past and present continuous concernMukherjee, Swarup
2013Sweat and thirst: The exercise hydration knowledge of coaches and PE teachers in SingaporeChia, Michael, 1963-Mukherjee, SwarupHuang, Dynelle
2013Sweat and thirst: The exercise hydration knowledge of Singaporean youthsChia, Michael, 1963-Mukherjee, SwarupHuang, Dynelle
2013Traumatic upper limb injuries during the men’s Field Hockey Junior World Cup 2009Mukherjee, Swarup
2009Urinary total antioxidant capacity in soccer playersMukherjee, SwarupChia, Michael, 1963-
2016Waist circumference percentiles for Singaporean children and adolescents aged 6-17 yearsMukherjee, SwarupLeong, Hin FongWong, Xiao Xuan
2010Within-season variation in the body composition of Asian youth professional soccer playersMukherjee, SwarupChia, Michael, 1963-