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2020Academic self-efficacy, task importance and interest: Relations with English language learning in an Asian contextBai, BarryNie, YouyanLee, Ai Noi
2008Control and care: The complementary roles in classroom managementNie, YouyanLau, Shun
2020Designing an instrument to assess the outcomes of an outdoor education programme under the MOE outdoor education masterplan on secondary student participantsChua, Bee LengHo, Susanna Choon MeiSeng, Yvonne Bee GekNie, YouyanLiem, Gregory Arief D.
2020Development and validation of an autonomy-supportive school leadership behaviours scaleLee, Ai NoiNie, Youyan
2013Development and validation of the School Leader Empowering Behaviours (SLEB) scaleLee, Ai NoiNie, Youyan
2006Differential effects of traditional and constructivist instruction on students’ cognition, motivation, and achievementLau, ShunNie, Youyan
2007Instructional practices, classroom management, and their relations to students' motivational, cognitive, behavioral, and achievement outcomesNie, Youyan
2015Investigating the pedagogical approaches related to changes in attitudes toward statistics in a quantitative methods course for psychology undergraduate studentsLiau, Albert, 1972-Kiat, John E.Nie, Youyan
2019Lessons from resilience-nurturing environments: Classroom practices of turnaround teachers.Caleon, Imelda S.Tan, Michelle Yuen SzeChua, JennyNie, YouyanNur Qamarina Binte IlhamTan, Raphaela Hui YiLee, Fang Hui
2020Perceived principal's learning support and its relationships with psychological needs satisfaction, organisational commitment and change-oriented work behaviour: A Self-Determination Theory’s perspectiveLee, Ai NoiNie, YouyanBai, Barry
2016The power of beliefs in impacting motivation: Motivating the academically unmotivatedWang, John Chee KengChiu, Chi-yue, 1963-Hong, Ying-yi, 1964-Liu, Woon ChiaTay, Eng GuanNie, YouyanChye, Stefanie Yen LengLiem, Gregory Arief D.Lim, Coral Boon SanSim, Clare Miao Qin
2020Problem-based Learning: A study on its impact on learners’ motivation, strategy use, learning processes and academic achievement.Chua, Bee LengNie, YouyanChye, Stefanie Yen LengLiem, Gregory Arief D.
2008Relations of authoritative parenting style to student outcomes: The mediating role of self-efficacy and task valueAye, Khin MaungLau, ShunNie, Youyan
2015The role of authentic tasks in promoting twenty-first century learning dispositionsTan, Jennifer Pei-LingNie, Youyan
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, MaryStinson, MadonnaSilver, RitaGreen, Nicole CatherineNie, YouyanWright, Susan (Susan Kay)Pak, SeungheeAnand, Mercy Karuniah J.
2017Study orchestrations and motivational differences in a mathematical contextChue, Kah LoongNie, Youyan
2012The teacher efficacy scale: A reliability and validity studyNie, YouyanLau, ShunLiau, Albert, 1972-
2017Teachers’ perceptions of school leaders’ empowering behaviours and psychological empowerment: Evidence from a Singapore sampleLee, Ai NoiNie, Youyan
2018Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeNie, YouyanTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTan, Chee SoonKing, Ronnel B.Kalthom Ahmad
2020Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeCaleon, Imelda S.Nie, YouyanTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTan, Chee SoonKing, Ronnel B.Kalthom AhmadLim, May LiNur Qamarina Binte Ilham