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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022The Importance of Positive Environments on Infant and Early Childhood Neurodevelopment: A Review and Preview of Upcoming, “BE POSITIVE,” ResearchRifkin-Graboi, Anne
 2022Introduction to early childhood development and research in SingaporeTan, Oon Seng ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; O'Brien, Beth A.; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne
2020Investigating Chinese syntactic knowledge of bilingual Singaporean P1 studentsO'Brien, Beth A.; Sun, He; Yin, Bin; Toh, Weimin; von Hagen, Alexa
2021Local evidence synthesis on language learning and bilingualismO'Brien, Beth A.; Sun, He; Chua, Deborah Fengyi; Ow, Lorraine; Sun, Baoqi
 2022Master your feelings: Emotional competence in early childhood parent-related antecedents and child outcomesTsotsi, Stella; Yang, Yang
 2022Mindfulness in early childhood: Developing 21st century competenciesKhng, Kiat Hui
 2022Pre-school teacher education in Singapore: Developments and challengesKaruppiah, Nirmala
 2022Preschool teachers’ experiences of work-related stress: A pilot study of Singapore teachersNg, Ee Lynn; Meow, Emily
2020Quality of preschool teacher's language practices in Singapore: Develop a reliable coding scheme for instructional strategies and linguistic features used in shared book readingSun, He; O'Brien, Beth A.; Steinkrauss, Rasmus; Cox, Ralf; Van Der Steen, Steffie
2021Report on the reading habits of bilingual children in Singapore 2021Sun, Baoqi; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A.
 2022Researching Well-Being for Children with Low-Income Family Background in Singapore – For Whom and from Whose Perspective?Layne, Heidi; Mardiana Abu Bakar; Jesuvadian, Mercy; Dhannea Rohaizad
2020The structure of home literacy environment and its relation to emergent English literacy skills in the multilingual context of SingaporeO'Brien, Beth A.; Ng, Siew Chin; Nur Artika Arshad
2020Teacher’s code-switching and bilingual children’s heritage language learning and cognitive switching flexibilitySun, He; Nurul, Yussof; Poorani Vijayakumar; Lai, Gabrielle Yi Qian; O'Brien, Beth A.; Ong, Quan He
2019Technology-based tools for English literacy intervention: Examining intervention grain size and individual differencesO'Brien, Beth A.; Habib, Malikka; Onnis, Luca
2021Technology-based tools for teaching early literacy skills: A multimethod approach with learning simulations and intervention.O'Brien, Beth A.; Tan, Chee Soon; Onnis, Luca
2020A two-tiered approach to supporting pupils with reading difficulties in P3 mainstream classroomsTan, Chee Soon; O'Brien, Beth A.; Lyna
2018A two-tiered approach to supporting pupils with reading difficulties in primary 3 mainstream classroomsTan, Chee Soon; O'Brien, Beth A.; Lyna
 2022Using guided play to facilitate young children’s exploratory learningYu, Yue