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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Early bilingual experience and English literacy acquisition: An approach to phonics instructionO'Brien, Beth A.
2021The effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on bilingual Singaporean children's leisure readingSun, Baoqi; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A.; Silver, Rita 
Apr-2013An examination of subtypes of developmental dyslexia and intervention effectsO'Brien, Beth A.; Wolf, Maryanne; Lovett, Maureen
2020Examining language switching and cognitive control through the adaptive control hypothesisLai, Gabrielle Yi Qian; O'Brien, Beth A.
2020Exploring characteristics of quality in language teaching & learning: The Mother Tongue Adapted Coding Scheme (MACS)O'Brien, Beth A.; Nurul Taqiah Yussof; Poorani Vijayakumar; Malikka Begum Habib Mohamed; Leong, Rachel Xuan En
2018Exploring the functional outcomes of children with hearing loss in SingaporeO'Brien, Beth A.; Chong, Suet Ling; Lourdes, Mary Daniel; Tan, Jernice Sing Yee; Bull, Rebecca
2017Exploring the impacts of the types of pre-schools and the types of home linguistic environment within families in relation to early bilingual skills in receptive vocabulary and expressive language skills of both English and Mandarin of young children in Singaporean pre-schoolsYeo, Sharon Jiaxin; O'Brien, Beth A.
2021Heritage language maintenance with regard to Tamil language in SingaporeSyed Jarina; O'Brien, Beth A.
2020The impact of different writing systems on children's spelling error profiles: Alphabetic, akshara, and hanzi casesO'Brien, Beth A.; Malikka Begum Habib Mohamed; Nur Artika Arshad; Lim, Nicole Cybil
2020Investigating Chinese syntactic knowledge of bilingual Singaporean P1 studentsO'Brien, Beth A.; Sun, He; Yin, Bin; Toh, Weimin; von Hagen, Alexa
2021Local evidence synthesis on language learning and bilingualismO'Brien, Beth A.; Sun, He; Chua, Deborah Fengyi; Ow, Lorraine; Sun, Baoqi
2020Quality of preschool teacher's language practices in Singapore: Develop a reliable coding scheme for instructional strategies and linguistic features used in shared book readingSun, He; O'Brien, Beth A.; Steinkrauss, Rasmus; Cox, Ralf; Van Der Steen, Steffie
2021Report on the reading habits of bilingual children in Singapore 2021Sun, Baoqi; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A.
2020The structure of home literacy environment and its relation to emergent English literacy skills in the multilingual context of SingaporeO'Brien, Beth A.; Ng, Siew Chin; Nur Artika Arshad
2020Teacher’s code-switching and bilingual children’s heritage language learning and cognitive switching flexibilitySun, He; Nurul, Yussof; Poorani Vijayakumar; Lai, Gabrielle Yi Qian; O'Brien, Beth A.; Ong, Quan He
2019Technology-based tools for English literacy intervention: Examining intervention grain size and individual differencesO'Brien, Beth A.; Habib, Malikka; Onnis, Luca
2021Technology-based tools for teaching early literacy skills: A multimethod approach with learning simulations and intervention.O'Brien, Beth A.; Tan, Chee Soon; Onnis, Luca
2020A two-tiered approach to supporting pupils with reading difficulties in P3 mainstream classroomsTan, Chee Soon; O'Brien, Beth A.; Lyna
2018A two-tiered approach to supporting pupils with reading difficulties in primary 3 mainstream classroomsTan, Chee Soon; O'Brien, Beth A.; Lyna