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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Drought does not induce crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) but regulates photosynthesis and enhances nutritional quality of Mesembryanthemum crystallinumHe, Jie ; Chua, Ee Lyn; Qin, Lin
2014Effects of NO3– availability on total productivity, root morphology, photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) recombinant inbred linesHe, Jie ; Goh, S. -F.; Qin, Lin
2020Growth and photosynthetic characteristic of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaves grown under natural sunlight with supplement LED lighting in a tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
2015Growth irradiance effects on productivity, photosynthesis, nitrate accumulation and assimilation of aeroponically grown Brassica alboglabraHe, Jie ; Lim, Lang Ing; Qin, Lin
2021High salinity reduces plant growth and photosynthetic performance but enhances certain nutritional quality of C4 halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. grown hydroponically under LED lightingHe, Jie ; You, Xueli; Qin, Lin
2023Impacts of deficit irrigation on photosynthetic performance, productivity and nutritional quality of aeroponically grown Tuscan kale (Brassica oleracea L.) in a tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Chang, Crystalbelle; Qin, Lin; Lai, Cheng Hsiang
2019Impacts of LED spectral quality on leafy vegetables: Productivity closely linked to photosynthetic performance or associated with leaf traits?He, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Chow, Wah Soon
2021Impacts of reduced nitrate supply on nitrogen metabolism, photosynthetic light-use efficiency, and nutritional values of edible mesembryanthemum crystallinumHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
2022LED quality impacts on plant growth and photosynthetic light use efficiency of halophyte vegetable Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown under two saline conditionsHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
2021LED spectral quality and NaCl salinity interact to affect growth, photosynthesis and phytochemical production of Mesembryanthemum crystallinumHe, Jie ; Koh, Dominic Jing Qun; Qin, Lin
2022Microclimate control to increase productivity and nutritional quality of leafy vegetables in a cost-effective mannerHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
2019Nitrate accumulation, productivity and photosynthesis of Brassica alboglabra grown under low light with supplemental LED lighting in the tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Teo, Lilian Li Jun; Choong, Tsui Wei
2011Nitrate accumulation, productivity and photosynthesis of temperate butter head lettuce under different nitrate availabilities and growth irradiancesHe, Jie ; Cheok, L.; Qin, Lin
2004Ontogeny, root-zone temperature and growth irradiance effect on temperate and subtropical vegetable crops grown in the tropicsQin, Lin
2012Phosphorus deprivation effects on productivity, photosynthesis and carbohydrates accumulation in hydroponically grown Brassica Alboglabra Baileyat different growth stagesHe, Jie ; You, Xueli; Qin, Lin
2017Plant growth and photosynthetic characteristics of mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown aeroponically under different blue- and red-LEDs.He, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Chong, Emma L. C.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Lee, Sing-Kong
2016Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of Lactuca sativa in response to different durations of LED lightingHe, Jie ; Kong, S. M.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Qin, Lin
2020Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of the facultative halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown indoors with LED lighting under different salinitiesHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
Mar-2023Productivity, photosynthetic light-use efficiency, nitrogen metabolism and nutritional quality of C4 halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. grown indoors under different light intensities and durationsHe, Jie ; Gan, Shirin Jia Hui; Qin, Lin
2021Quantity of supplementary LED lightings regulates photosynthetic apparatus, improves photosynthetic capacity and enhances productivity of Cos lettuce grown in a tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Nur Khairunnisa Jawahir; Qin, Lin