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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Phosphorus deprivation effects on productivity, photosynthesis and carbohydrates accumulation in hydroponically grown Brassica Alboglabra Baileyat different growth stagesHe, Jie ; You, Xueli; Qin, Lin
2017Plant growth and photosynthetic characteristics of mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown aeroponically under different blue- and red-LEDs.He, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Chong, Emma L. C.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Lee, Sing-Kong
2016Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of Lactuca sativa in response to different durations of LED lightingHe, Jie ; Kong, S. M.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Qin, Lin
2020Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of the facultative halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown indoors with LED lighting under different salinitiesHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin
Mar-2023Productivity, photosynthetic light-use efficiency, nitrogen metabolism and nutritional quality of C4 halophyte Portulaca oleracea L. grown indoors under different light intensities and durationsHe, Jie ; Gan, Shirin Jia Hui; Qin, Lin
2021Quantity of supplementary LED lightings regulates photosynthetic apparatus, improves photosynthetic capacity and enhances productivity of Cos lettuce grown in a tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Nur Khairunnisa Jawahir; Qin, Lin
2022Root-zone heat priming effects on maximum quantum efficiency of PSII, productivity, root morphology and nutritional quality of two aeroponically grown leafy greens in a tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Tan, Cassander; Qin, Lin
2022Salinity and salt-priming impact on growth, photosynthetic performance, and nutritional quality of edible Mesembryanthemum crystallinum LHe, Jie ; Ng, Olivia Wei Jin; Qin, Lin