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2019An analysis of the cognitive rigor of questions used in secondary three English textbooksSoong, Natalie Shuyi; Renandya, Willy A.
2021Any questions? Ideas for encouraging more and better student questionsJacobs, George M.; Renandya, Willy A.
2016A balanced approach to teaching L2 speaking in ChinaHuang, Shu; Renandya, Willy A.
2014Choosing the right international journal in TESOL and Applied LinguisticsRenandya, Willy A.
2018A conversation about supporting teacher researchRenandya, Willy A.; Floris, Flora D.
2021A corpus-based study of the vocabulary profile of high school English textbooks in ChinaYu, Min; Renandya, Willy A.
2019Demotivation in L2 classrooms: Teacher and learner factorsChong, Miao Yee Clare; Renandya, Willy A.; Ng, Qiu Rong
2021Expanding students' choices in language educationJacobs, George M.; Renandya, Willy A.
2019Extensive listening and viewing in ELTIvone, Francisca M.; Renandya, Willy A.
2019Extensive reading: Theory, research and implementationNg, Qiu Rong; Renandya, Willy A.; Chong, Miao Yee Clare
2020Far apart, yet close together: Cooperative learning in online educationIvone, Francisca M.; Jacobs, George M.; Renandya, Willy A.
22-Feb-2012Five reasons why listening strategy instruction might not work with lower proficiency learnersRenandya, Willy A.
2020Use of gesture for correcting pronunciation errorsThompson, Amelyn A.; Renandya, Willy A.
 2021What makes a good language teacher in a changing world?Renandya, Willy A.; Jacobs, George M.