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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Children who read before sixSoh, Kay Cheng
Mar-1993Class size, teaching method, and what else?Soh, Kay Cheng
Sep-1991Classroom-based research and educational change: The views of teachers and prospective departmental headsSoh, Kay Cheng
Sep-2000Computer-based assessment developed for inorganic and physical chemistryPhang, Chiew Hun; Soh, Kay Cheng
Jul-1994The confusing and controversial B. Ed.Soh, Kay Cheng
1983Continuity and discontinuity between training and school experience: Follow-up studies of former students of the InstituteHo, Wah Kam; Poon, Tsui Yeong; Skuja-Steele, Rita; Ooi, Hui Pin; Teo, Suan Eng; Mah, Hazel; Lim-Quek, Muriel; Chan, Kathleen; Muthu, Wallace; Kirkpatrick, T. A.; Soh, Kay Cheng; Foo, Chee Min
Dec-1999Creativity across-culture: Educators’ perceptions and viewsSoh, Kay Cheng
2015Creativity fostering teacher behaviour around the world: Annotations of studies using the CFTIndexSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-1998Creativity: What does it mean to teachers? : A cross-cultural comparisonSoh, Kay Cheng
Jun-1991The design of Chinese language examination: A linguistic cultural viewpointSoh, Kay Cheng
Sep-1989Diagnostic approach to the teaching of Chinese in mission secondary schoolsSoh, Kay Cheng
1982Do examiners and teachers make their questions unnecessarily difficult?Soh, Kay Cheng
2011Don’t read university rankings like reading football league tables: Taking a close look at the indicatorsSoh, Kay Cheng
1982Educational attitude, dogmatism and machiavellianism of student teachersSoh, Kay Cheng
May-1988Evaluating Chinese comprehension principles and practice (in Chinese)Soh, Kay Cheng
Apr-1989Examination-pitfalls to avoidSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-1983Factor-based measurement of teacher attitudes: A secondary analysisSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-2004Fostering student creativity: Which teacher behaviours are helpful?Soh, Kay Cheng; Quek, Khiok Seng
1987Guidance of secondary students: A developmental viewSoh, Kay Cheng
1987Guidance of secondary students: Principles and techniquesSoh, Kay Cheng