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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1983Factor-based measurement of teacher attitudes: A secondary analysisSoh, Kay Cheng
Nov-2004Fostering student creativity: Which teacher behaviours are helpful?Soh, Kay Cheng; Quek, Khiok Seng
1987Guidance of secondary students: A developmental viewSoh, Kay Cheng
1987Guidance of secondary students: Principles and techniquesSoh, Kay Cheng
Dec-2001A holistic approach to teacher education programme evaluationChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Soh, Kay Cheng
1996How big should my sample be?Soh, Kay Cheng
1998How do Japanese, American, and Singaporean primary school mathematics teachers teachSoh, Kay Cheng
1997How often is often?Soh, Kay Cheng
1993How well and how early can PSLE performance be predicted? a study of three schoolsSoh, Kay Cheng
2000If creativity can be taught, how should we teach it?Soh, Kay Cheng
1989Improving primary pupils' problem-solving skills in mathematics throughSoh, Kay Cheng
1990Improving pupil performance in mathematical problem solving: An example of classroom-based researchSoh, Kay Cheng
1993Language learners: Their feelings and behavioursSoh, Kay Cheng
1985Language motivation, use and achievementSoh, Kay Cheng
1988Maximizing your child’s intellectual potentialSoh, Kay Cheng
Dec-1989The measurement on readability of Chinese textsSoh, Kay Cheng
1993Measuring motivation to learn Chinese and English through self-reported feelings and behavioursSoh, Kay Cheng
Sep-2000Measuring teacher behaviours that foster creativitySoh, Kay Cheng
1975Moral education in SingaporeSoh, Kay Cheng
2015Multicolinearity and indicator redundancy problem in world university rankings: An example using THEWUR 2013-2014 dataSoh, Kay Cheng