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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1992Maximising pupil learning: The developmental approachTan, Esther
Apr-1989Mental health of pupils: An IE perspectiveTan, Esther
Jul-1993A nation’s search of shared family values: Implications for welfare policy and counsellingTan, Esther
1985Norming of test with primary one pupilsPoh, Sui Hoi; Khor, Peter Sinn Yeou; Lam, Peter Tit Loong; Lui, Elena Hah Wah; Soh, Kay Cheng; Tan, Esther; Yip, Katherine; Tan, Wee Kiat
1985On coping with the stresses of teachingTan, Esther
Oct-1990Pastoral care for young childrenTan, Esther
Sep-1991Preparing career teachers for Singapore schoolsTan, Esther
1990Preparing teachers for pastoral care in SingaporeTan, Esther
Sep-2000Problem behaviours of Singapore youthOng, Ai Choo; Tan, Esther; Cheng, Yuan Shan
Dec-1999The relationship between different parenting techniques and the social adjustment of adolescentsHuan, Vivien Swee Leng ; Tan, Esther
Nov-1996The relationship between trainee teacher’s attitude and outcome of teacher trainingTan, Esther
Mar-1991Research & development in computer-assisted career guidance: The Job Orientation Backup System experienceTan, Esther
Mar-1991Research and development in career guidance: The Job Orientation Backup System experienceTan, Esther
Dec-1999School and psychosocial adjustments of adolescents in SingaporeOng, Ai Choo; Tan, Esther
Dec-1992The Singapore family in the 1990s: Implications for counsellingTan, Esther
2013Students’ capacity for autonomous learning in an unstructured learning space on a mobile learning trailTan, Esther; So, Hyo-Jeong
May-1995Training needs and opportunities for career guidance coordinatorsTan, Esther
Dec-1990The validity of Holland’s personality typology theory in an Asian cultureTan, Esther
2002Vocational psychology and career counselling in Singapore: Research and developmentTan, Esther; Goh, Michael
Feb-1989Work values of Singaporean adolescentsTan, Esther