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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1996Gifted students’ evaluation of themselves as critical and independent thinkersTan, Liang SeeLim, Tock Keng
2019The intermental and intramental as areas for professional learning: Teachers developing concept-based curricula to engage diverse learners.Letchmi Devi PonnusamyTan, Liang See
2018Local evidence synthesis on teacher learningTan, Liang SeeChong, Sau Kew
2011Mediational analyses of motivational beliefs, affect, engagement, and achievement among high-ability and average-ability students in Singapore’s mathematics classroomsTan, Liang See
2017Negotiating the complexity of curriculum integration: Metalanguages as levers that shape the innovation processLetchmi Devi PonnusamyTan, Liang SeeSuriyani RahamatNur Amira Mohammad Ibrahim
2014Perfectionism and academic emotions in gifted adolescent girlsTan, Liang SeeChun, Nina Keng Yen
2019Professional learning communities in Singapore schools: The current practice and possibilities for teacher practice and student learning.Tan, Liang SeeHo, Jeanne Pau YuenOng, Monica Woei LingWong, Hwei MingOnishi, Pamela Grace CostesTeng, Siao SeeTan, Jing YiChia, Terence Titus Song AnSivakumar ViswanathanGoh, Sao-Ee
Aug-1995A pull-out gifted programme in SingaporeLim, Tock KengTan, Liang See
2014The role of optimism, self-esteem, academic self-efficacy and gender in high-ability studentsTan, Christopher Tzy YungTan, Liang See
2013The role of teacher agency in fostering 21st century dispositions and competencies through curriculum innovationTan, Liang SeeLetchmi Devi Ponnusamy
2014Self-construal and students’ math self-concept, anxiety and achievement: An examination of achievement goals as mediatorsLuo, Serena WenshuHogan, DavidTan, Liang SeeKaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Ng, Pak TeeChan, Melvin Chee Yeen
2014A Singapore case study of curriculum innovation in the twenty-first century: Demands, tensions and deliberationsKoh, ElizabethLetchmi Devi PonnusamyTan, Liang SeeLee, Shu-ShingRamos, Maria Eloisa
2010Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study (Pilot study findings - 2010)Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)Lim, Audrey Swee EngLim, Sirene May YinTan, Liang SeeYang, Chien HuiPoon, Kenneth K.
2018Situating and contextualising professional development for sustained practice and learning in schoolLee, Shu-ShingTan, Liang See
2017A study on developing teacher leadership and engendering an emerging teacher-led cultureTan, Liang SeeLetchmi Devi PonnusamyHung, DavidTan, Keith Chiu Kian
2018A teacher-led interpretation of the teacher growth model an inquiry into the professional identity of Singapore teachersTan, Liang SeeHong, HelenWong, Hwei MingNg, Eileen, LitingMohammud ShahrinKoh, Daryl, Yong HweeAsmah Beevi A KamaludinNg, Yin SuanPang, Arlene, Xuehui
2015Teachers’ versus parents’ perceptions of professionalism of early childhood teachers: A mixed-methods studyTzuo, Pei-WenTan, Liang SeeYong, Foong LingLiang, Jyh-Chong
Nov-2011Variability of academic emotions: A comparison between high and average-ability studentsTan, Liang See