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Nov-2006Constructive uses of internet resources for collaborative science learningTang, Kok Sing; Tan, Seng Chee ; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo
2020Designing a physics curriculum for developing students' science competenciesYeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Tang, Kok Sing
2020Developing disciplinary literacy instruction in the sciencesTang, Kok Sing
2020Formalising disciplinary literacy teaching in primary science through a writing-to-learn approachTang, Kok Sing
2020Harnessing popular media for science learning and critical literacyTang, Kok Sing; Lee, Yew-Jin ; Rappa, Natasha Anne; Lee, Jie Yee
Apr-2015Impact of explicit disciplinary literacy instruction on students’ written scientific explanationsGde Buana Sandila Putra; Tang, Kok Sing
Nov-2006Making sense of a, b, c’s of science: A dialectics between everyday and scientific conceptionYeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Tan, Seng Chee ; Tang, Kok Sing
 2022Mapping and extending the theoretical perspectives of reading in science and mathematics education researchTang, Kok Sing; Lin, Sheau-Wen; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
2021The multi-timescale, multi-modal and multi-perspectival aspects of classroom discourse analysis in science educationTang, Kok Sing; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Mortimer, Eduardo Fleury
2021Multimodal genre of science classroom discourse: Mutual contextualization between genre and representation constructionTang, Kok Sing; Park, Joonhyeong ; Chang, Jina
2021Plan-Draw-valuate (PDE) pattern in students' collaborative drawing: Interaction between visual and verbal modes of representationPark, Joonhyeong ; Tang, Kok Sing; Chang, Jina
2013Productive discourses through the integration of out-of-school media in science learningTang, Kok Sing
2019The role of dialogue in science epistemic practicesTan, Aik-Ling ; Tang, Kok Sing
2013The role of student agency in bridging informal and formal learningRappa, Natasha Anne; Tang, Kok Sing
Nov-2014Scaffolding scientific writing through disciplinary literacy instructionGde Buana Sandila Putra; Oh, Ken Sihua; Tang, Kok Sing
Jun-2014Shifts in identification in a hybrid spaceTang, Kok Sing
2015Structuring of reasoning process in scientific explanation through a multimodal classroom discourseLee, Jie Yee; Tang, Kok Sing
Nov-2014“Vibration… The water molecules balanced… More like a see-saw is it?” Let’s talk physics: Promoting meaningful discourse through disciplinary literacy instructionLao, Zheng Qiao Zane; Tan, Thuan Hock; Tang, Kok Sing