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2019Constructing an exemplary mathematical justification: Why is it so hard for mathematics teachers?Chua, Boon LiangToh, Pee ChoonYap, Von Bing
2011Differential equations satisfied by Eisenstein series of level 2Toh, Pee Choon
2013Fine-tuning in a design experimentHo, Foo HimToh, Pee ChoonToh, Tin Lam
2020Four solutions of a geometry problemToh, Pee ChoonHo, Weng KinLeong, Yew HoongTay, Eng GuanTong, Cherng Luen
2018A general transformation for theta series associated with the quadratic form x(2) + ky(2)Ho, Thi Phuong NhiToh, Pee Choon
2013Infusing problem solving into mathematics content course for pre-service secondary school mathematics teachersToh, Tin LamQuek, Khiok SengTay, Eng GuanLeong, Yew HoongToh, Pee ChoonHo, Foo HimDindyal, Jaguthsing
2016Mathematical problem solving for everyone: Infusion and diffusion (MinD)Toh, Tin LamTay, Eng GuanLeong, Yew HoongQuek, Khiok SengToh, Pee ChoonDindyal, JaguthsingHo, Foo HimHang, Kim HooYen, Yeen Peng
2019The number of representations of a positive integer by triangular, square, and decagonal numbersUha IsnainiMelham, RayToh, Pee Choon
2015On a certain vector crank modulo 7Hirschhorn, Michael D.Toh, Pee Choon
2016On certain pairs of q-series identitiesToh, Pee Choon
2013On representations by figurate numbers: A uniform approach to the conjectures of MelhamToh, Pee Choon
2018On some congruences for Andrews’ singular overpartitionsIsnaini, UhaToh, Pee Choon
2009Quintic and septic Eisenstein seriesCooper, ShaunToh, Pee Choon
2012Ramanujan type identities and congruences for partition pairsToh, Pee Choon
Jul-2017Reading mathematics: A holistic curriculum approachHo, Weng KinTeo, Kok MingZhao, DongshengYap, Romina Ann SoonTay, Eng GuanToh, Pee ChoonToh, Tin LamCheang, Wai KwongZhu, YingDong, F. M., 1962-Shutler, PaulQuek, Khiok Seng
2013Scaffolding cards: A strategy for facilitating groups in problem solvingToh, Pee ChoonDindyal, JaguthsingHo, Foo Him
2012Use of practical worksheet in teacher education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levelsToh, Pee ChoonToh, Tin LamHo, Foo HimQuek, Khiok Seng
2020A variation of the Andrews–Stanley partition function and two interesting q-series identitiesLin, Bernard L. S.Peng, LinToh, Pee Choon