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2017Adopting team-based learning for in-service teachers: A case studyWalker, Zachary; Toh, Guo Zheng
2017Beyond Pokémon: Augmented reality is a universal design for learning toolWalker, Zachary; McMahon, Don D.; Rosenblatt, Kara; Arner, Tracy
 2017Brain literacy empowers educators to meet diverse learner needsWalker, Zachary; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Hale, James B.
2019Brain literacy empowers educators to meet diverse learner needsWalker, Zachary; Hale, James B.; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2019Developing a translating educational neuroscience clearinghouse for the differentiated instruction of diverse learners.Tan, Seng Chee ; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Goodwill, Alicia ; Azilawati Jamaludin ; Walker, Zachary; Hale, James B.
2011Empirical research on ethnic minority students: 1995–2009Vasquez, Eleazar, III; Lopez, Angel; Straub, Carrie; Powell, Selma; McKinney, Tracy; Walker, Zachary; Gonzalez, Tiphanie; Slocum, Timothy A.; Lee, Mason; Okeeffe, Breda V.; Bedesem, Pena L.
2020Enhancing maths curriculum through team-based learning.Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Leong, Swee Ling; Walker, Zachary; Chee, Christopher; Tham, Rachel; Kee, Norman Kiak Nam 
2017Frontal-subcortical circuitry in social attachment and relationships: A cross-sectional fMRI ALE meta-analysisLee, Shi-Hui; Walker, Zachary; Hale, James B.; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2016The impact of simulated interviews for individuals with intellectual disabilityWalker, Zachary; Vasquez, Eleazar, III; Wienke, Wilfred
2014Inclusive education: From targeting groups and schools to achieving quality education as the core of EFAOpertti, Renato; Walker, Zachary; Zhang, Yi
2014A meta‐analysis of technology‐based interventions on the phonological skills of children with dyslexiaSim, Thomas W. T.; Walker, Zachary
2020Model-based and VR-enabled teaching and learning for biomolecules.Cai, Y. Y.; Chen, Zhong; Tan, Sandra; Chew, Ban Hoe; Walker, Zachary; Goei, Sui Lin; Joolingen, Wouter van
2015Special education teachers’ attitudes toward including students with SEN in mainstream primary schools in SingaporeWeng, Chee Soon; Walker, Zachary; Rosenblatt, Kara
2019Translating education neuroscience for teachersTham, Rachel; Walker, Zachary; Tan, Desiree; Low, Li Tong; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing
2018Video-based learning resources for Singapore music teachers: A development projectBautista, Alfredo; Chua, Siew Ling; Dairianathan, Eugene ; Walker, Zachary; Ho, Hui Ping; Yuen, Sandra D.; Yong, Denny; Liu, Simon; Dube, Francis; Marin, Cristina; Wong, Joanne Xiuhui; Tan, Clarence Puay Yon