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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Factors influencing teachers’ use of motivational strategies in the classroom.Wang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaKee, Ying HwaChian, Zason Lit KhoonReeve, Johnmarshall
2010From intrinsic motivation to passion in sport and exercise: A self-determination theory frameworkWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaChatzisarantis, NikosLim, Carol Boon San
2015Further development of the talent development environment questionnaire for sportLi, ChunxiaoWang, John C. K.Pyun, Do YoungMartindale, Russell
2014Gender and type of sport differences on perceived coaching behaviours, achievement goal orientations and life aspirations of youth Olympic games Singaporean athletesKoh, Koon TeckWang, John C. K.
2015A guided reflection intervention for high performance basketball coachesKoh, Koon TeckMallett, CliffordMartin, CamiréWang, John C. K.
Dec-2012Helping teachers to be more autonomy supportive in the classroom - An intervention studyWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaRyan, Richard M.Lim, Coral Boon SanHow, Yew Meng
2017Impacts of talent development environments on athlete burnout: A self-determination perspectiveLi, ChunxiaoWang, John C. K.Pyun, Do Young
2015The influence of Japanese sporting culture and motivation on sport participation and life aspirationsWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaNogawa, HaruoSun, Yanlin
2010Influence of perceived motivational climate on achievement goals in physical education: A structural equation mixture modeling analysisWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaChatzisarantis, NikosLim, Carol Boon San
2009An intra-individual analysis of players’ perceived coaching behaviours, psychological needs, and achievement goalsWang, John C. K.Koh, Koon TeckChatzisarantis, Nikos
2015Latent profile analysis of the physical self-description among Chinese adolescentsWang, John C. K.Sun, YanlinLiu, Woon ChiaYao, JiaxinPyun, Do Young
2015Learning for life, learning with fun: Igniting students’ intrinsic motivation to learn in the classroomWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaChatzisarantis, NikosRyan, Richard M.Lim, Coral Boon SanHow, Yew Meng
2013Longitudinal changes in physical fitness performance in youth: A multilevel latent growth curve modeling approachWang, John C. K.Pyun, Do YoungLiu, Woon ChiaLim, Carol Boon SanLi, Fuzhong
Nov-2004A longitudinal study of adolescents’ academic self-concept and their perceptions of home environment and classroom climateWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon Chia
2005Measures of reliability and validity of school-based pedometer step counts in Singaporean childrenChia, Michael, 1963-Wang, John C. K.Quek, Jin Jong
2003A meta-analysis of perceived locus of causality in exercise, sport, and physical education contextsChatzisarantis, NikosHagger, Martin S.Biddle, Stuart J. H.Smith, BrettWang, John C. K.
2003Motivation and self-perception profiles and links with physical activity in adolescent girlsBiddle, Stuart J. H.Wang, John C. K.
Sep-2013Motivation in sport and physical activity: Synthesis of theories and methodsWang, John C. K.
2020A motivation profile analysis of Malay students in SingaporeLiu, Woon ChiaWang, John C. K.Kang, Heon JinKee, Ying Hwa
2011A motivational analysis of project work in Singapore using self-determination theoryWang, John C. K.Liu, Woon ChiaKoh, CarolineTan, Oon SengEe, Jessie