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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Metacognition in mathematical problem solvingWong, Siew Koon Philip
1989Metacognitive strategies in mathematical problem solvingWong, Siew Koon Philip
2003microLESSONS TM: tool to encourage student-centred learningDivaharan, Shanti ; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
1999The pedagogic evaluation of eduPAD research projectWong, Siew Koon Philip; Coombs, Steven John; Hu, Chun; Hsu, Jackie; Lourdusamy, A.
2001The pedagogical evaluation of the EduPAD projectWong, Siew Koon Philip; Hu, Chun; Lourdusamy, A.; Fareed Wan
Dec-2001Perceived benefits of eduPAD in enhancing learningLourdusamy, A.; Hu, Chun; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
Nov-1998Preparing student teachers for IT integration into instructionWong, Siew Koon Philip
1984The programming process: A simulationWong, Siew Koon Philip
2003Projecting ICT developments in teaching and learning for the near future: restructuring the landscape of teaching and learning interactionsHung, David ; Tan, Seng Chee ; Chong, Diana Peet Yoon; Wong, Siew Koon Philip; Cheah, Horn Mun; Tan, Hoon Chiang; Teo, Beng-chong 
1999Proposed IT competencies for Singapore teachersWilliams, Michael Dale; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
Nov-1996Student-created multimedia: One road to higher-level learning outcomesWilliams, Michael Dale; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
1996Surfing the internet for teachersWong, Siew Koon Philip; Williams, Michael Dale
2000Toward an information and instructional technology research framework for learning and instructionHung, David ; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
Sep-2000Use IT to present scenarios for problem-based learningHu, Chun; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
Sep-2000Web objects for authentic mathematics activitiesChurchill, Daniel; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
1989What is a good CAI programme?Wong, Siew Koon Philip; Wong, Angela F. L.