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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2009Analysis of a tumour growth model with MATLABAng, Keng Cheng
Dec-2000An analysis of the model for dengue transmission with two strainsAng, Keng ChengLi, Zhe
Dec-2003An avascular tumour growth model with random variationAng, Keng ChengTan, Liang Soon
2014Comparison of pricing models with simulated demand dataSoon, Wan Mei AmandaAng, Keng ChengTeo, Kok Ming
2020Computational thinking as habits of mind for mathematical modellingAng, Keng Cheng
2015Developing computational thinking through codingHo, Weng KinAng, Keng Cheng
2013A DRBEM for time-dependent infiltration from periodic irrigation channels in a homogeneous soilSolekhudin, I.Ang, Keng Cheng
2013A dual-reciprocity boundary element method for steady infiltration problemsSolekhudin, I.Ang, Keng Cheng
2007The influence of technology on the teaching and learning of mathematics in SingaporeAng, Keng ChengLee, Peng Yee
2015Introducing queuing theory through simulationsSoon, Wan Mei AmandaAng, Keng Cheng
Jan-2015A laplace transform DRBEM with a predictor-corrector scheme for time-dependent infiltration from periodic channels with root-water uptakeImam SolekhudinAng, Keng Cheng
2001Learning mathematics through exploration and connectionZhao, DongshengAng, Keng ChengCheang, GeraldPhang, Rosalind Lay PingTang, Wee Kee
Dec-2012Mathematical modelling as a learning experience in the classroomAng, Keng Cheng
2006Mathematical modelling, technology and H3 mathematicsAng, Keng Cheng
Dec-2000Modelling the spread of dengue in SingaporeAng, Keng ChengLi, Zhe
2002Modelling the spread of dengue in SingaporeAng, Keng ChengPang, Fung Yin
2008A numerical approach to modelling avascular tumour evolution with white noiseAng, Keng ChengTan, Liang Soon
2005A numerical simulation of avascular tumour growthTan, Liang SoonAng, Keng Cheng
Sep-2000An on-line integration of undergraduate course notesZhao, DongshengAng, Keng ChengCheang, GeraldPhang, Rosalind Lay PingTang, Wee Kee
Jul-2012Pedagogical content knowledge in mathematical modelling instructionTan, Liang SoonAng, Keng Cheng