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2015An analysis of blinding success in a randomised controlled trial of fish oil omega-3 fatty acidsLiu, Jean C. J.Raine, AdrianAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiFung, Daniel S. S.
2017Assessment of psychopathic traits in Singaporean adolescents: Validation of the Antisocial Process Screening Device (APSD)Li, XiangChan, Wei TengAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiHuan, Vivien Swee Leng
Mar-2006Evaluation of the CARE PowerCharged program: Its impact on secondary 1 normal technical students of projectAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiNeubronner, MarionOh, Su-Ann
2012How teacher-student relationship influenced student attitude towards teachers and schoolHuan, Vivien Swee LengQuek, Choon LangYeo, Lay SeeAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiChong, Wan Har
2016Instilling educational hope to strengthen the link between the teacher-student relationship and student engagementKit, Phey LingLiem, Gregory Arief D.Ang, Rebecca Pei-HuiChong, Wan HarHuan, Vivien Swee Leng
2004Motivational predictors of young adolescents’ participation in an outdoor adventure course: A self-determination theory approachWang, John C. K.Ang, Rebecca Pei-HuiTeo-Koh, Sock MiangAbdul Kahlid
2017Promoting student engagement: Interplay of perceived self-beliefs and teacher support in fostering positive youth developmentChong, Wan HarKit, Phey LingLiem, Gregory Arief D.Ang, Rebecca Pei-HuiHuan, Vivien Swee Leng
2015Re-examining of Moffitt’s theory of delinquency through agent based modelingLeaw, Jia NingAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiHuan, Vivien Swee LengChan, Wei TengCheong, Siew Ann
2017The roles of self-efficacy beliefs and Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) in student engagement perspectives from Normal Stream studentsChong, Wan HarHuan, Vivien Swee LengLiem, Gregory Arief D.Kit, Phey LingAng, Rebecca Pei-Hui
2003Skills training with antisocial youth: A meta-analysisAng, Rebecca Pei-Hui
2017Youth violence and interventions: Insights from a complex agent network modelCheong, Siew AnnSun, KaixuanLeaw, Jia NingAng, Rebecca Pei-HuiHuan, Vivien Swee LengChan, Wei TengLi, Xiang