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2020Arm-pull thrust in human swimming and the effect of post-activation potentiationBarbosa, Tiago M.Yam, Jia WenLum, Danny Wan YinBalasekaran, GovindasamyMarinho, Daniel A.
2010Body composition: Assessment, components, and hydrationBalasekaran, GovindasamyGupta, N.Govindaswamy, V. V.
2020Brain Breaks® physical activity solutions in the classroom and on attitudes toward physical activity: A randomized controlled trial among primary students from eight countriesMok, Magdalena Mo ChingChin, Ming-KaiKorcz, AgataPopeska, BiljanaEdginton, Christopher R.Uzunoz, Fatma SacliPodnar, HrvojeCoetzee, DanéGeorgescu, LuminitaEmeljanovas, ArunasPasic, MilanBalasekaran, GovindasamyAnderson, ElizabethDurstine, J. Larry
2010The effectiveness of problem-based learning (PBL) on academic self-confidence and generic skills of graduate students in health-related fitness and wellness in SingaporeChin, Ming-KaiMok, Magdalena Mo ChingBalasekaran, GovindasamyChia, MichaelWong, Patricia
2021Effects of soy milk ingestion on anaerobic performance and physiological measuresBalasekaran, GovindasamyPan, Shi YuNg, Yew Cheo
2017An "Eye in the sky"Balasekaran, GovindasamyBrowne, Thomas
2009Motion sensor outputs of children and adolescents walking and running to three treadmill speedsChia, MichaelWong, PatriciaBalasekaran, GovindasamyTan, Swee KhengKunalan CanagasabaiChiang, Jasson
2010Obesity prevention in Singapore: Collaborative efforts among government, health professionals and the communityNidhi GuptaChin, Ming-KaiYang, JingzhenBalasekaran, GovindasamyChia, MichaelGirandola, Robert N.Edginton, Christopher R.Mok, Magdalena Mo Ching
2021Physical activity among adults residing in 11 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdownDing, KeleYang, JingzhenChin, Ming-KaiSullivan, LindsayDurstine, J. LarryViolant-Holz, VerónicaDemirhan, GiyasettinOliveira, Nara R. C.Popeska, BiljanaKuan, GarryWaheeda KhanDai, JianhuiXu, XiaMladenova, ZornitzaBalasekaran, GovindasamySmith, Gary A.
2020Physical education & sports science expert book seriesBalasekaran, Govindasamy
2017Physiological differences between a noncontinuous and a continuous endurance training protocol in recreational runners and metabolic demand predictionMuhammad J. AliBalasekaran, GovindasamyHoon, Kay HiangSeet, Gerald Gim Lee
2021Sprint kayaking performance enhancement by isometric strength training inclusion: A randomized controlled trialLum, Danny Wan YinBarbosa, Tiago M.Balasekaran, Govindasamy
2021Using Brain-Breaks® as a technology tool to increase attitude towards physical activity among students in SingaporeBalasekaran, GovindasamyAhmad Arif IbrahimNg, Yew CheoPhua, Kia WangKuan, GarryPopeska, BiljanaChin, Ming-KaiMok, Magdalena Mo ChingEdginton, Christopher R.Culpan, IanDurstine, J. Larry