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2018Aerodynamics of a wheelchair sprinter racing at the 100m world record pace by CFDForte, PedroMarinho, Daniel A.Morais, Jorge E.Morouco, PedroPascal-Faria, PaulaBarbosa, Tiago M.
2020Arm-pull thrust in human swimming and the effect of post-activation potentiationBarbosa, Tiago M.Yam, Jia WenLum, Danny Wan YinBalasekaran, GovindasamyMarinho, Daniel A.
2015A comparison of experimental and analytical procedures to measure passive drag in human swimmingBarbosa, Tiago M.Morais, Jorge E.Forte, PedroNeiva, HenriqueGarrido, Nuno D.Marinho, Daniel A.
2017The effects of backpack carriage on the biomechanics of walking in school children: A systematic review based on kinematics and kineticsHabibah Najihahbi AhmadBarbosa, Tiago M.
2018Mismatch between classroom furniture and the primary school pupils’ body dimensions: A systematic reviewWei, Joel MaojieBarbosa, Tiago M.
2019Schoolbag weight carriage in Portuguese children and adolescents: A cross-sectional study comparing possible influencing factorsBarbosa, JoãoMarques, Mário C.Izquierdo, MikelNeiva, HenriqueBarbosa, Tiago M.Ramírez-Vélez, RobinsonAlonso-Martínez, Alicia M.García-Hermoso, AntonioAguado-Jimenez, RobertoMarinho, Daniel A.
2021Sprint kayaking performance enhancement by isometric strength training inclusion: A randomized controlled trialLum, Danny Wan YinBarbosa, Tiago M.Balasekaran, Govindasamy
2018The variations on the aerodynamics of a world-ranked wheelchair sprinter in the keymoments of the stroke cycle: A numerical simulation analysisForte, PedroMarinho, Daniel A.Morais, Jorge E.MoroucËo, Pedro G.Barbosa, Tiago M.