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2018Arts-related pedagogies in preschool education: An Asian perspectiveBautista, Alfredo; Moreno-Nunez, Ana; Bull, Rebecca; Farina Amsah; Koh, Swee-Fuan
2016Curriculum integration in arts education: Connecting multiple art forms through the idea of ‘space’Bautista, Alfredo; Tan, Liang See; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy ; Yau, Xenia
2017High-quality music teacher professional development: A review of the literatureBautista, Alfredo; Yau, Xenia; Wong, Joanne
2017Music teacher professional development in Singapore: Mapping the landscapeBautista, Alfredo; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) ; Lum, Chee Hoo ; Chua, Siew Ling; Dube, Francis; Marin, Cristina; Wong, Joanne; Toh, Guo Zheng; Yau, Xenia
2018Preschool educators' interactions with children about sustainable development: Planned and incidental conversationsBautista, Alfredo; Moreno-Nunez, Ana; Ng, Siew Chin; Bull, Rebecca
2017Preschool teachers’ engagement in professional development: Frequency, perceived usefulness, and relationship with self-efficacy beliefsMunez, David ; Bautista, Alfredo; Khiu, Ellyn; Keh, Jun-Sheng; Bull, Rebecca
2018Primary school music teachers’ professional development motivations, needs, and preferences: Does specialization make a difference?Bautista, Alfredo; Toh, Guo Zheng; Wong, Joanne
2019Purposeful play during learning centre time: From curriculum to practiceBautista, Alfredo; Malikka Begum Habib Mohamed; Eng, Anthony; Bull, Rebecca
2019The role of classroom video in music teacher research: A review of the literatureBautista, Alfredo; Tan, Clarence Puay Yon; Wong, Joanne; Conway, Colleen
2015Seeking attention to student thinking: In support of teachers as interviewersCaddle, Mary C.; Brizuela, Bárbara M.; Newman-Owens, Ashley; Glennie, Corinne R.; Bautista, Alfredo; Cao, Ying
2018Student-centered pedagogies in the Singapore music classroom: A case study on collaborative compositionBautista, Alfredo; Toh, Guo Zheng; Mancenido, Zid Niel; Wong, Joanne
2015Teacher professional development in Singapore: Depicting the landscapeBautista, Alfredo; Wong, Joanne; Gopinathan, Saravanan
2020“That’s just impossible in my kindergarten.” Advocating for ‘glocal' early childhood curriculum frameworksBautista, Alfredo; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
2020Towards responsive professional development for Singapore music teachers: Phase 3: Investigating efficacy of video-based professional development.Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur ; Chua, Siew Ling; Bautista, Alfredo; Chen, Ouhao; Chen, Wenli ; Lee, Huan Siak; Eng, Alvyn Yan Chen; Goh, Sao-Ee; Ho, Hui Ping; Conway, Colleen; Cabedo Mas, Alberto
2018Video-based learning resources for Singapore music teachers: A development projectBautista, Alfredo; Chua, Siew Ling; Dairianathan, Eugene ; Walker, Zachary; Ho, Hui Ping; Yuen, Sandra D.; Yong, Denny; Liu, Simon; Dube, Francis; Marin, Cristina; Wong, Joanne Xiuhui; Tan, Clarence Puay Yon