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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1994A-level chemistry students’ conceptualisations about the nature of chemical reactionsBoo, Hong Kwen
Nov-2004Aligning science teaching, learning and assessment to the I&E visionBoo, Hong Kwen
2001Alternative conceptions of chemical bondingTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Goh, Ngoh Khang; Chia, Lian Sai; Boo, Hong Kwen
2005Assessing mathematics learning outcomes through performance based tasksAng, Kok Cheng; Boo, Hong Kwen; Toh, Kok Aun
Nov-2003Assessing the nature of science views of Singapore pre-service teachersTan, Michael Lip Thye ; Boo, Hong Kwen
2000Building a quality teaching force: The collaborative approachBoo, Hong Kwen
1995A burning issue for chemistry teachersBoo, Hong Kwen
Nov-1995Can advanced level chemistry students (11th and 12th graders) reason scientifically?Boo, Hong Kwen
Nov-1996Can undergraduates reason scientifically?Boo, Hong Kwen
Dec-2001Challenges of integrating cooperative learning in primary science classroomsBoo, Hong Kwen; Ng, Maureen; Chew, Joy Oon Ai; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Ambrose-Yeoh, Audrey; D'Rozario, Vilma
Sep-2000Comparing performance assessment, classroom practices and students’/teachers’ attitudes in six countriesKhoo, Tse Horng; Toh, Kok Aun; Boo, Hong Kwen
Nov-2006A comparison of trained and untrained science teachers' views about certain aspects of the nature of scienceBoo, Hong Kwen; Hoh, Yin Kiong 
2007Concept mapping and pupils’ learning in primary science in SingaporeLing, Yuan; Boo, Hong Kwen
2007Cooperative learning: Exploring its effectiveness in the physics classroomHo, Fui Fong; Boo, Hong Kwen
2001Cross-country comparison of students' perceptions on learning scienceChellappah, Ruth; Toh, Kok Aun; Boo, Hong Kwen; Khoo, Tse Horng
Dec-1999A cross-sectional study of scientific thinking skills of learners at various levelsBoo, Hong Kwen
1992Do Singapore science students possess positive attitudes toward science and scientific Inquiry? : Implications of an exploratory studyBoo, Hong Kwen; Chen, Lai Keat; Wan, Yoke Kum
Nov-2003Does formal assessment in primary science support the TSLN vision?Boo, Hong Kwen
Nov-2006Exploring the use of reflective MCQ in primary science formative assessmentAng, Kok Cheng; Boo, Hong Kwen
Nov-1998Finding out what pupils are thinking concerning electricity: An exploratory studyBoo, Hong Kwen; Ang, Kok Cheng