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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accounting for the SES-math achievement gap at school entry: Unique mediation paths via executive functioning and behavioral self-regulationNg, Ee Lynn; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui
May-2011Are patterns important? An investigation of the relationships between proficiencies in patterns, computation, executive functioning, and algebraic word problemsLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Madeline Pe; Ho, Ringo
2018Arts-related pedagogies in preschool education: An Asian perspectiveBautista, Alfredo; Moreno-Núñez, Ana; Bull, Rebecca; Farina Amsah; Koh, Swee-Fuan
2012The cognitive underpinnings of emerging mathematical skills: Executive functioning, patterns, numeracy, and arithmeticLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Lee, Madeline Pe; Ang, Su Yin; Muhammad Nabil Azhar Mohd Hasshim; Bull, Rebecca
2021Cross- and within-domain associations of early reading and mathematical skills: Changes across the preschool yearsKwok, Fu Yu; Bull, Rebecca; Munez, David
 2022The development of early arithmetic skills: What, when, and how?Cheung, Pierina; Munez, David; Ng, Ee Lynn; Khng, Kiat Hui; Bull, Rebecca
2013Developmental changes in executive functioningLee, Kerry; Bull, Rebecca; Ho, Ringo
2016Developmental changes in working memory, updating, and math achievementLee, Kerry; Bull, Rebecca
Apr-2013Domain specific predictors of maths ability in deaf and hearing childrenBull, Rebecca
Mar-2014Examining kindergarten approximation skills as a predictor of children requiring learning support for mathematicsBull, Rebecca; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Lee, Kerry; Cheah, Kimberly; Mochtar, Marlyna
Jul-2008Executive functioning and children’s mathematical competence: from kindergarten to early adolescenceLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Ho, Ringo; Bull, Rebecca
2014Executive functioning and mathematics achievementBull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry
2018Exploring the functional outcomes of children with hearing loss in SingaporeO'Brien, Beth A.; Chong, Suet Ling; Lourdes, Mary Daniel; Tan, Jernice Sing Yee; Bull, Rebecca
2020Exploring the functional outcomes of children with hearing loss in SingaporeBull, Rebecca
Mar-2014Improving the working memory capacity of children learning support programmes: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, Kerry; Ang, Su Yin; Bull, Rebecca; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Cheam, Fiona
Apr-2013Improving the working memory capacity of children: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, Kerry; Ang, Su Yin; Bull, Rebecca; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Cheam, Fiona; Alethea, Kerk
2018Learning and solving algebra word problems: The roles of relational skills, arithmetic, and executive functioningLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Bull, Rebecca
2018Magnitude processing of written number words is influenced by task, rather than notationWong, Becky; Bull, Rebecca; Ansari, Daniel
2022Non-symbolic ratio reasoning in kindergarteners: Underlying unidimensional heuristics and relations with math abilitiesMunez, David; Bull, Rebecca; Cheung, Pierina; Orrantia, Josetxu
2017Preschool teachers’ engagement in professional development: Frequency, perceived usefulness, and relationship with self-efficacy beliefsMunez, David; Bautista, Alfredo; Khiu, Ellyn; Keh, Jun-Sheng; Bull, Rebecca