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2008Dynamics of movement patterning in learning a discrete multiarticular actionChow, Jia Yi; Davids, Keith; Button, Chris; Rein, Robert
2009Dynamics of multi-articular coordination in neurobiological systemsChow, Jia Yi; Davids, Keith; Button, Chris; Rein, Robert; Hristovski, Robert; Koh, Michael
2012The effectiveness of keeper-independent penalty kicks using fake visual cues from penalty takersTay, Cheryl Sihui; Chow, Jia Yi; Koh, Michael; Button, Chris
2012Empirical investigations of nonlinear motor learningButton, Chris; Lee, Miriam Chang Yi; A. Dutt Mazumder; Tan, Clara Wee Keat; Chow, Jia Yi
2014An investigation of nonlinear pedagogy and its application in Singapore schoolsChow, Jia Yi; Tan, Clara Wee Keat; Lee, Miriam Chang Yi; Button, Chris
2017Nonlinear pedagogy and its role in encouraging 21st century competencies through physical education: A Singapore experienceChang, Miriam Yi Lee; Chow, Jia Yi; Button, Chris; Tan, Clara Wee Keat
2006Organization of motor system degrees of freedom during the soccer chip: An analysis of skilled performanceChow, Jia Yi; Davids, Keith; Button, Chris; Koh, Michael
2007The role of nonlinear pedagogy in physical educationChow, Jia Yi; Davids, Keith; Button, Chris; Shuttleworth, Rick; Renshaw, Ian; Araújo, Duarte
2016Why the constraints-led approach is not teaching games for understanding: A clarificationRenshaw, Ian; Araújo, Duarte; Button, Chris; Chow, Jia Yi; Davids, Keith; Moy, Brendan