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2008Dynamics of movement patterning in learning a discrete multiarticular actionChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisRein, Robert
2009Dynamics of multi-articular coordination in neurobiological systemsChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisRein, RobertHristovski, RobertKoh, Michael
2012The effectiveness of keeper-independent penalty kicks using fake visual cues from penalty takersTay, Cheryl SihuiChow, Jia YiKoh, MichaelButton, Chris
2012Empirical investigations of nonlinear motor learningButton, ChrisLee, Miriam Chang YiA. Dutt MazumderTan, Clara Wee KeatChow, Jia Yi
2014An investigation of nonlinear pedagogy and its application in Singapore schoolsChow, Jia YiTan, Clara Wee KeatLee, Miriam Chang YiButton, Chris
2019Nonlinear pedagogy and its relevance for the new PE curriculum.Chow, Jia YiTeo-Koh, Sock MiangTan, Clara Wee KeatTan, Benjamin Su-JimButton, ChrisMeerhoff, RensManu KapurChoo, Corliss Zhi Yi
2017Nonlinear pedagogy and its role in encouraging 21st century competencies through physical education: A Singapore experienceChang, Miriam Yi LeeChow, Jia YiButton, ChrisTan, Clara Wee Keat
2006Organization of motor system degrees of freedom during the soccer chip: An analysis of skilled performanceChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisKoh, Michael
2007The role of nonlinear pedagogy in physical educationChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisShuttleworth, RickRenshaw, IanAraújo, Duarte
2016Why the constraints-led approach is not teaching games for understanding: A clarificationRenshaw, IanAraújo, DuarteButton, ChrisChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithMoy, Brendan