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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008The analysis of small group knowledge building effort among teachers using an interaction analysis modelTan, JeanneChai, Ching SingHong, Huang-Yao
Nov-2011Analyzing students’ after-school artifact creation processes in a mobile-assisted language learning environmentWong, Lung HsiangSong, YanjieChai, Ching SingZhan, Ying
2010Asian personal epistemologies and beyond: Overview and some reflectionsWong, Benjamin Koon SiakChai, Ching Sing
2011A blended collaborative writing approach for Chinese L2 primary school studentsWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenGao, Ping
2017Changing teachers’ TPACK and design beliefs through the Scaffolded TPACK Lesson Design Model (STLDM)Chai, Ching SingKoh, Joyce Hwee Ling
Nov-2010Changing the reading attitude of young children through FacebookNg, Siam HongChai, Ching SingYee, Siong Yew
Dec-2007Closing the gap: Pre-service teachers' perceptions of an ICT based, student centred learning curriculumLee, Chwee BengTeo, Timothy Kheng GuanChai, Ching SingChoy, DorisTan, AshleySeah, Jimmy Han Meng
Jun-2008Collaborative inquiry in co-constructing ICT-mediated curricula for Chinese literacy in Singapore contextWong, Lung HsiangGao, PingChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenChung, Tze Min
2004Conceptualising a framework for engaged learning in the context of IT masterplan II in SingaporeTeo, Yiong HweeChai, Ching SingHung, DavidQuek, Choon Lang
2008Confirmatory factor analysis of the Conception for Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (CTLQ)Teo, Timothy Kheng GuanChai, Ching Sing
2003Constructing knowledge building communities in classroomsChai, Ching SingTan, Seng Chee, 1965-
Dec-2015Creating and learning through design: teacher professional development for 21st century learningKoh, Joyce Hwee LingChai, Ching SingLim, Wei Ying
2012Cultivating knowledge creation capacity for social studies among primary school students: A case narrativeChai, Ching SingHoe, Kah EngTsai, Pei ShanKoh, Joyce Hwee Ling
Nov-2010Effects of knowledge building on elementary students’ views of collaborationHong, Huang-YaoWang, Po-HsienHong, MingChai, Ching Sing
Nov-2009Effects of knowledge-building on teacher-education students’ epistemological belief changeHong, Huang-YaoChai, Ching SingLin, Shu-Ping
Aug-2010Enhancing the creative climate of a college course through computer-supported collaborative knowledge buildingHong, Huang-YaoChai, Ching SingChang, Yu-Hui
Jan-2010Evaluation of implementation of IT masterplan 3 and its impact on Singapore schools - instrumentation and baseline studyTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chai, Ching SingLee, Chwee BengTeo, Timothy Kheng GuanChen, WenliKoh, Joyce Hwee LingLee, Sai ChooFoo, Hui Hui
2011Evaluation of implementation of the IT Masterplan 3 and its impact on Singapore schools: Instrumentation and baseline studyTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chai, Ching SingLee, Chwee BengTeo, Timothy Kheng GuanChen, WenliKoh, Joyce Hwee LingLee, Sai ChooCheah, Horn Mun
2017Examining pre-service teachers’ design capacities for web-based 21st century new culture of learningChai, Ching SingTan, LyndeDeng, FengKoh, Joyce Hwee Ling
Oct-2008Examining pre-service teachers’ perception of knowledge-building principles for building community knowledgeHong, Huang-YaoChen, Fei-ChingChai, Ching Sing