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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2010Assessment of student outcomes of mobile game-based learningGwee, Susan Bee YenChee, Yam SanTan, Ek Ming
2014Authentic game-based learning and teachers’ dilemmas in reconstructing professional practiceChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiOng, Jing Chuan
2012Becoming chemists through game-based inquiry learning: The case of Legends of AlkhimiaChee, Yam SanTan, Daniel Kim-Chwee
Nov-2010Changing science classroom discourse toward doing science: The design of a game-based learning curriculumJan, MingfongChee, Yam SanTan, Ek Ming
1995Cognitive apprenticeship and its application to the teaching of Smalltalk in a multimedia interactive learning environmentChee, Yam San
Dec-2009Designing and implementing virtual enactive role-play and structured argumentation: Promises and pitfallsHo, Caroline Mei LinRappa, Natasha AnneChee, Yam San
Jun-2008Designing for the epistemological entailments of physics through game-centered dialogical activity cyclesZuiker, Steven J.Anderson, Kate T.Lee, Judy Lai HarChee, Yam San
2012The effect of gaming on secondary students' thinking, beliefs, creativity and skills: A preliminary study in social studies lessonsTeo, Chua TeeChee, Yam San
2012Effective citizenship education through mobile game based learning: The statecraft X curriculumChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiLiu, Qiang
2013Effective game based citizenship education in the age of new mediaChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiLiu, Qiang
2014Facilitating dialog in the game-based learning classroom: Teacher challenges reconstructing professional identityChee, Yam SanMehrotra, SwatiOng, Jing Chuan
Nov-2009Game-based learning as a vehicle for developing science inquiry skills using the Centauri 7 learning programChee, Yam SanLee, Judy Lai Har
Oct-2010Game-based learning as performance: The case of legends of AlkhimiaChee, Yam San
2010Gender differences in patterns of mobile game playGwee, Susan Bee YenChee, Yam SanTan, Ek Ming
Dec-2007The impact of structured argumentation and enactive role play on students’ argumentative writing skillsAzilawati JamaludinHo, Caroline Mei LinChee, Yam San
Nov-2007In stable orbit: An initial assessment of dispositional changes arising from learning using the citizenship education videogame Space Station LeonisLim, Kenneth Yang TeckChee, Yam San
2011Learning as becoming through performance, play and dialogue: A model of game-based learning with the game Legends of Alkhimia.Chee, Yam San
Oct-2011Learning chemistry through inquiry with the game legends of Alkhimia: An evaluation of learning outcomesChee, Yam SanTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeTan, Ek MingJan, Mingfong
2009Learning chemistry with the game “Legends of Alkhimia”: Pedagogical and epistemic bases of design-for-learning and the challenges of boundary crossingChee, Yam SanTan, Daniel Kim-ChweeTan, Ek MingJan, Mingfong
Jun-2010Learning science via a science-in-the-making process: The design of a game-based learning curriculumJan, MingfongChee, Yam SanTan, Ek Ming