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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Appropriating and negotiating knowledge: Technologies for a community of learnersHung, DavidChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2004Augmentation in learning: Supports which do not fade awayChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David
2016Distributed leadership through the lens of Activity TheoryHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenChen, Victor Der-ThanqNg, David Foo Seong
Jul-2007Emergence of learning in computer-supported, large-scale collective dynamics: A research agendaManu KapurHung, DavidJacobson, Michael J.Voiklis, JohnKinzer, Charles K.Chen, Victor Der-Thanq
2020Exploring the designing of a growth mindset curriculum in a Singaporean schoolLim, Christina Tong LiChen, Victor Der-ThanqAkhila SudarshanLam, Karen
2010Investigating projective identity trajectories for 21st century learningHung, DavidAzilawati JamaludinChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2003IT integration and online learning in the Singapore schoolsHung, DavidTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chen, Victor Der-Thanq
2008Journeys in the learning sciences: The Singapore experienceKoh, Thiam SengHuang, DavidLim, Kenneth Yang TeckChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David
1997Learning 10 computer programs in a monthChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2006Learning on-demand via technologies that facilitate mobility: The issues of relevancy and accessHung, DavidTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chen, Victor Der-Thanq
2010The learning sciences as sciences of becoming: Introduction to special issueChen, Victor Der-ThanqLiang, Rose Yee HingHung, David
2014New media literacy of school students in SingaporeChen, Victor Der-ThanqLi, Jen-YiLin, Tzu-BinLee, LingYe, Xiaoxuan
2003Online learning and information technology in the Asia-Pacific region: Perspectives, issues, and dividesHung, DavidChen, Victor Der-Thanq
May-2005Preserving authenticity in CoLs and CoPs: Proposing an agenda for CSCLHung, DavidChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2018Refining conjecture mapping for design-based researchWu, JingChen, Victor Der-Thanq
2017A review of research on teacher efficacy beliefs in the learner-centred pedagogy context: Themes, trends and issuesLee, Wei ChingChen, Victor Der-ThanqWang, Li-Yi
2003A social-constructivist adaptation of case-based reasoning: Integrating goal-based scenarios with computer-supported collaborative learningHung, DavidChen, Victor Der-ThanqTan, Seng Chee, 1965-
2015Through the lens of the school: School-based curriculum innovation (SCI)Chen, Victor Der-ThanqMardiana Abu BakarHairon SallehChua, Catherine Siew KhengNeo, Wei LengLee, Wei Ching
2010Thumbtops as learning tools: From 'development for learning' to 'learner as developer'Lim, Kenneth Yang TeckChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David
Jul-2007Towards a community incubator: The ICAP design framework for social constructivist educational designersChen, Victor Der-ThanqHung, David