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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008Active participation and collaborative learning leveraged by interactive digital sticky notes technologyChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
Jul-2011Analysis of group understanding in artifact-mediated discoursesJeong, HeisawnChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
Jul-2011Analysis of small group interactions in a seamless language learning environment: An artifact-oriented approachWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliZhan, YingChin, Chee Kuen
2013AppleTree: An assessment-oriented framework for collaboration and argumentationChen, WenliLooi, Chee-KitWen, YunXie, Wenting
2015Appropriation of a representational tool in a second-language classroomWen, YunLooi, Chee-KitChen, Wenli
2011A blended collaborative writing approach for Chinese L2 primary school studentsWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenGao, Ping
2012Collaborative languaging for L1 learning in a CSCL classroom via Group Scribbles: An exploratory case studyChen, WenliXie, WentingLooi, Chee-Kit
2012A collaborative professional development model for rapid collaborative knowledge improvement in Singapore schoolsSong, YanjieChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
2012Comparing enactments of a collaborative writing activity in a networked language learning classroomWen, YunChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
Nov-2011Computer-supported collaborative learning for elementary school students on the effectiveness of reading comprehensionYang, Su JianLin, Chiu PinYang, Mei HwaShao, Yin JuanChen, Wenli
2010Connecting learning spaces using mobile technologyChen, WenliSeow, Peter Sen KeeSo, Hyo-JeongToh, YancyLooi, Chee-Kit
2009Distributed leadership in school ICT reform: A survey of principalsChen, Wenli
Nov-2009Enhancing students' computational estimation ability in GS-based computer-supported collaborative learning environmentLin, Chiu PinChen, WenliTung, Ting Hao
Jan-2010Evaluation of implementation of IT masterplan 3 and its impact on Singapore schools - instrumentation and baseline studyTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chai, Ching SingLee, Chwee BengTeo, Timothy Kheng GuanChen, WenliKoh, Joyce Hwee LingLee, Sai ChooFoo, Hui Hui
2011Evaluation of implementation of the IT Masterplan 3 and its impact on Singapore schools: Instrumentation and baseline studyTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Chai, Ching SingLee, Chwee BengTeo, Timothy Kheng GuanChen, WenliKoh, Joyce Hwee LingLee, Sai ChooCheah, Horn Mun
Jun-2009Exploring interactional moves in a CSCL environment for Chinese language learningLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliWen, Yun
Jun-2010Extending students’ learning spaces: Technology-supported seamless learningChen, WenliSeow, Peter Sen KeeSo, Hyo-JeongToh, YancyLooi, Chee-Kit
2012Extrinsic and intrinsic barriers in the use of ICT in teaching: A comparative case study in SingaporeChen, WenliTan, AshleyLim, Cheryl
Nov-2011From device centric to people centric ubiquitous computing: Pre-service teachers using technology across spacesChen, WenliLee, Cheryl
2011From many-to-one to one-to-many: The evolution of ubiquitous computing in educationChen, WenliLim, CarolynTan, Ashley