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2015Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract: Surveying its origins and charting its futureLeong, Yew HoongHo, Weng KinCheng, Lu Pien
2020Constructivist learning design: Classroom tasks for deeper learningLee, Ngan HoeChua, Boon LiangZhu, YingNg, Dawn Kit EeCheng, Lu PienLee, JuneLiu, MeiWong, Zi YangGayatri BalakrishnanSeto, CynthiaPang, Yen PingChew, Chong KiatChen, Ouhao
1997Convergence theorems for the Riemann integralCheng, Lu Pien
2013The design of a mathematics problem using real-life context for young childrenCheng, Lu Pien
2020Pedagogical practices of secondary school mathematics teachers.Kaur, Berinderjeet, 1955-Toh, Tin LamLee, Ngan HoeLeong, Yew HoongCheng, Lu PienNg, Dawn Kit EeYeo, Joseph Kai KowYeo, Joseph B. W.Wong, Lai Fong
2013Posing problems to understand children's learning of fractionsCheng, Lu Pien
2011A Singapore case of lesson studyCheng, Lu PienLee, Peng Yee
2009Teacher-team development in a school-based professional development programCheng, Lu PienKo, Ho-Kyoung
Jul-2017Towards a conceptual framework for assessment literacy for mathematicsTan, HazelNg, Dawn Kit EeCheng, Lu Pien
2018Use of comics in teaching mathematicsToh, Tin LamCheng, Lu PienJiang, HengLim, Kam Ming
2017Use of comics to enhance students’ learning for the development of the 21st century competencies in the mathematics classroomToh, Tin LamCheng, Lu PienHo, Siew YinJiang, HengLim, Kam Ming
Jul-2017Using comics in teaching mathematicsToh, Tin LamHo, Siew YinCheng, Lu PienJiang, HengLim, Kam Ming