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Sep-2000Attitudes of learning Tamil: A study on pre-university studentsPremalatha ParasuramanCheng, Yuan Shan
Nov-1998The career development of secondary students in SingaporeKhor, Peter Sinn YeouCheng, Yuan Shan
Dec-1999Cognitive, psychosocial development and school adjustment of Singapore adolescents: Gender differencesCheng, Yuan ShanSeng, Alice Seok-HoonTan, Esther, 1940-
Nov-1998Computer attitudes of Singapore students: A developmental studyCheng, Yuan Shan
1999Developing resilience: the role of teachersCheng, Yuan ShanMau, Rosalind Y.
Nov-1998Developing resilience: The role of teachersMau, Rosalind Y.Cheng, Yuan ShanLim, Tock KengChan, Tung Fong
Sep-2000Discipline problems and management strategies: A comparison between trainee teachers and experienced teachersCheng, Yuan ShanTan, Esther, 1940-
1998Discipline problems in schools: teachers' perceptionTan, Esther, 1940-Cheng, Yuan Shan
Nov-1998The impact of computers on teachers: A general computer attitude study of teachers in SingaporeRahmat HassanCheng, Yuan Shan
Nov-1997Investigating the studying and learning approach of tertiary students in SingaporePoh, Andrew Sui HoiMau, Rosalind Y.Quek, Khiok SengCheng, Yuan ShanNg, Yin KweeYan, Yaw Kai
Nov-1998The learning and studying approach of NIE students: A longitudinal study (1)Poh, Andrew Sui HoiMau, Rosalind Y.Cheng, Yuan ShanYan, Yaw KaiQuek, Khiok Seng
Sep-2000Problem behaviours of Singapore youthOng, Ai ChooTan, Esther, 1940-Cheng, Yuan Shan
Nov-1998Psychological well-being and self-esteem of secondary school students in SingaporeLui, Elena Hah WahCheng, Yuan Shan
Dec-1999Resilience, friends and attitudeMau, Rosalind Y.Cheng, Yuan Shan
Dec-1999Studies of creative thinking in 1990sCheng, Yuan ShanMau, Rosalind Y.