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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2006Analyzing student artefactsDigital Curricular Literacies Team; Lim, Cher Ping; Freebody, Peter; Hedberg, John G.; Guo, Libo; Chin, Christine; Le Vasan, Mani; Tan, Doreen; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander); Brudvik, Ole C.; Chen, Min Pyng; Muthukumar S. Lakshmanan; Lim, Julie Poh Gek; Lim, Tze Mien; Uma Natarajan; Pathak, Suneeta Anil; Shankar, Sunitha; Sam, Charmaine Ming Shann; Tan, Christine Sze Yin; Tiu, Angela Ting Ling; Tiu, Wendy Ting Yik
Dec-2006Classroom interaction in science: Developing a content-specific analytic frameworkChin, Christine
Nov-1994Comparison of Australian and Singaporean studies on problem solving variables in chemistryLee, Lucille Kam Wah; Goh, Ngoh Khang; Chia, Lian Sai; Chin, Christine; Phang, Rosalind Lay Ping
Dec-1999Deep and surface learning approaches in science: A comparisonChin, Christine
2005A DNA science research and training programme for secondary school and junior college teachers and students on genetic polymorphisms in human, animals and plants in SingaporeGan-Yap, Yik Yuen; Koh, Chong Lek; Sze, C. C.; Chin, Christine; Lum, Shawn K. Y.; Tan, Timothy Ter Ming ; Gan, Leong Huat; Cheong, K. F.; Wong, M. P. F.; Davies, D.; Tan, J.; Ang, Diana Tiong Joo; Cai, Y. Y.; Micklos, D.
2001Eliciting students' ideas and understanding in science: diagnostic assessment strategies for teachersChin, Christine
2003Facilitating science investigations: some suggestions for the teacherChin, Christine
2001Learning in science: What do students’ questions tell us about their thinking?Chin, Christine
Nov-1998Learning science using a deep approach: Case studies of two studentsChin, Christine
May-2006Lower high-school students' approaches to finding, evaluating and using web resources in history and science tasksDigital Curricular Literacies Team; Freebody, Peter; Hedberg, John G.; Guo, Libo; Chin, Christine; Tan, Doreen; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander); Brudvik, Ole C.; Tiu, Angela Ting Ling
2002Open investigations in science: posing problems and asking investigative questionsChin, Christine
2002Open-ended investigations in science: A case study of Primary 6 pupilsChin, Christine; Kayalvizhi Ganesan
Nov-2004Problem-based learning: Implementing project work in biology through ill-structured problemsChin, Christine; Chia, Li Gek
Nov-2003Problem-based learning: Inspirations for students’ problems and questions askedChin, Christine; Chia, Li Gek
2000Promoting critical and creative thinking in chemistry through teacher questioningChin, Christine
1997Promoting higher cognitive learning in science through a problem-solving approachChin, Christine
Dec-1999Psychology for teachers: Students’ approaches to learning scienceChin, Christine
2009Questioning as a learning strategy in primary scienceNg-Cheong, Joan S. K.; Chin, Christine
2002Student-generated questions: encouraging inquisitive minds in learning scienceChin, Christine
2003Students' approaches to learning science: Responding to learners' needsChin, Christine