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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2006Analyzing student artefactsDigital Curricular Literacies TeamLim, Cher PingFreebody, PeterHedberg, John G.Guo, LiboChin, ChristineLe Vasan, ManiTan, DoreenTowndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander)Brudvik, Ole C.Chen, Min PyngMuthukumar S. LakshmananLim, Julie Poh GekLim, Tze MienUma NatarajanPathak, Suneeta AnilShankar, SunithaSam, Charmaine Ming ShannTan, Christine Sze YinTiu, Angela Ting LingTiu, Wendy Ting Yik
Dec-2006Classroom interaction in science: Developing a content-specific analytic frameworkChin, Christine
Nov-1994Comparison of Australian and Singaporean studies on problem solving variables in chemistryLee, Lucille Kam WahGoh, Ngoh KhangChia, Lian SaiChin, ChristinePhang, Rosalind Lay Ping
Dec-1999Deep and surface learning approaches in science: A comparisonChin, Christine
2005A DNA science research and training programme for secondary school and junior college teachers and students on genetic polymorphisms in human, animals and plants in SingaporeGan, Yik YuenKoh, Chong LekSze, C. C.Chin, ChristineLum, ShawnTan, Timothy Ter MingGan, Leong HuatCheong, K. F.Wong, M. P. F.Davies, D.Tan, J.Ang, Diana Tiong JooCai, Y. Y.Micklos, D.
2001Eliciting students' ideas and understanding in science: diagnostic assessment strategies for teachersChin, Christine
2003Facilitating science investigations: some suggestions for the teacherChin, Christine
2001Learning in science: What do students’ questions tell us about their thinking?Chin, Christine
Nov-1998Learning science using a deep approach: Case studies of two studentsChin, Christine
May-2006Lower high-school students' approaches to finding, evaluating and using web resources in history and science tasksDigital Curricular Literacies TeamFreebody, PeterHedberg, John G.Guo, LiboChin, ChristineTan, DoreenTowndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander)Brudvik, Ole C.Tiu, Angela Ting Ling
2002Open investigations in science: posing problems and asking investigative questionsChin, Christine
2002Open-ended investigations in science: A case study of Primary 6 pupilsChin, ChristineKayalvizhi Ganesan
Nov-2004Problem-based learning: Implementing project work in biology through ill-structured problemsChin, ChristineChia, Li Gek
Nov-2003Problem-based learning: Inspirations for students’ problems and questions askedChin, ChristineChia, Li Gek
2000Promoting critical and creative thinking in chemistry through teacher questioningChin, Christine
1997Promoting higher cognitive learning in science through a problem-solving approachChin, Christine
Dec-1999Psychology for teachers: Students’ approaches to learning scienceChin, Christine
2009Questioning as a learning strategy in primary scienceNg-Cheong, Joan S. K.Chin, Christine
2002Student-generated questions: encouraging inquisitive minds in learning scienceChin, Christine
2003Students' approaches to learning science: Responding to learners' needsChin, Christine