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1997An assessment of mental mathematics programs for young childrenYu, Pei Ling; Chong, Tian Hoo
1996A case for fingering in mental arithmeticChong, Tian Hoo; Yeap, Lay Leng; Fong, Ho Kheong
Feb-1992Cognition in mathematics achievement: Perception and processingYeap, Lay Leng; Chong, Tian Hoo; Wong, Siew Koon Philip
1996The cognition-ethnicity connection in mathematics learningYeap, Lay Leng; Chong, Tian Hoo; Low, Guat Tin
1982Computers in instructionChong, Tian Hoo
1988Development and evaluation of a computer literacy course for preservice teachers in SingaporeChong, Tian Hoo; Bell, Frederick H.
1998Differential brain functioning profiles among adolescent mathematics achieversYeap, Lay Leng; Chong, Tian Hoo; Chong, James; Low, Guat Tin
1997Explaining the thinking, learning styles, and cognition constructsYeap, Lay Leng; Chong, Tian Hoo
Sep-1992Innovative computer-assisted strategies in the learning of mathematical concepts and skillsChong, Tian Hoo; Lim-Teo, Suat Khoh
Jan-1993Mathematics education in Singapore: Instructional excellence and challenges aheadChong, Tian Hoo
2000Pre-service preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers in SingaporeChong, Tian Hoo; Fong, Ho Kheong
Dec-1993Teacher preparation in computer applications for secondary schools in SingaporeChong, Tian Hoo
1986Using writing as a mode of learning mathematicsChong, Tian Hoo; Mccracken, Nancy M.