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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An analysis of activity structures in physical education classesTan, Steven Kwang SanChow, Jia YiLim, Carol Boon San
2011The balance control of children with and without hearing impairment in Singapore: A case studyTan, Jernice Sing YeeNonis, Karen P.Chow, Jia Yi
2018Behavioral repertoire influences the rate and nature of learning in climbing: Implications for individualized learning design in preparation for extreme sports participationOrth, DominicDavids, KeithChow, Jia YiBrymer, EricSeifer, Ludovic
2010A constraints-led perspective to understanding skill acquisition and game play: A basis for integration of motor learning theory and physical education praxis?Renshaw, IanChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithHammond, John
2008Dynamics of movement patterning in learning a discrete multiarticular actionChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisRein, Robert
2009Dynamics of multi-articular coordination in neurobiological systemsChow, Jia YiDavids, KeithButton, ChrisRein, RobertHristovski, RobertKoh, Michael
2012Editorial: How do we go about understanding the nature of nonlinear learning?Chow, Jia YiLiu, Yeou-Teh
2020Education about movement: Development of an intermittent shuttle test to determine fitness and fatigue in badmintonBurns, Stephen F.Chow, Jia YiChia, Jingyi Shannon
2014Effect of different attentional instructions on the acquisition of a serial movement taskWoo, Mei TengChow, Jia YiKoh, Michael
2012The effectiveness of keeper-independent penalty kicks using fake visual cues from penalty takersTay, Cheryl SihuiChow, Jia YiKoh, MichaelButton, Chris
2012Empirical investigations of nonlinear motor learningButton, ChrisLee, Miriam Chang YiA. Dutt MazumderTan, Clara Wee KeatChow, Jia Yi
2017An exploratory analysis of variations in quiet eye duration within and between levels of expertiseChia, Jingyi ShannonChow, Jia YiKawabata, MasatoDicks, MattLee, Marcus
2017Falls, cognitive function, and balance profiles of Singapore communitydwelling elderly Individuals: Key risk factorsWoo, Mei TengDavids, KeithLiukkonen, JarmoChow, Jia YiJaakkola, Timo
2011Focus of attention and its impact on movement behaviourPeh, Shawn Yi-ChingChow, Jia YiDavids, Keith
2017Impact of nonlinear pedagogy to teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)Fahmi SaharChow, Jia Yi
2009Insights from ecological psychology and dynamical systems. Theory can underpin a philosophy of coachingRenshaw, IanDavids, KeithShuttleworth, RickChow, Jia Yi
2014An investigation of nonlinear pedagogy and its application in Singapore schoolsChow, Jia YiTan, Clara Wee KeatLee, Miriam Chang YiButton, Chris
2012Mindfulness, movement control, and attentional focus strategies: Effects of mindfulness on a postural balance taskKee, Ying HwaChatzisarantis, NikosKong, Veni Pui WahChow, Jia YiChen, Lung Hung
2013Nonlinear learning underpinning pedagogy: Evidence, challenges, and implicationsChow, Jia Yi
2020Nonlinear pedagogy and its relevance for the new PE curriculumChow, Jia YiTeo-Koh, Sock MiangTan, Clara Wee KeatButton, ChrisTan, Benjamin Su-JimManu KapurMeerhoff, RensChoo, Corliss Zhi Yi