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Nov-1996Adolescent coping styles in a sample of Singaporean studentsD'Rozario, Vilma; Goh, Michael Pik Bien
Dec-2001Challenges of integrating cooperative learning in primary science classroomsBoo, Hong Kwen; Ng, Maureen; Chew, Joy Oon Ai; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Ambrose-Yeoh, Audrey; D'Rozario, Vilma
2003Cooperative learning: Building strong teams for international service-learning projectsJacobs, George M.; D'Rozario, Vilma
1997Eating disorders: What teachers need to knowD'Rozario, Vilma
1999Enhancing pupil self-esteem: Affective education in practiceSmith, Ian David; D'Rozario, Vilma
1998How adolescents cope with their concerns: A review and study of Singaporean studentsD'Rozario, Vilma; Goh, Michael Pik Bien
1999National Education: Singaporeans who celebrated National Day on 3rd JuneTan, Wee Kiat; Wong, Angela F. L.; D'Rozario, Vilma
1999A new emphasis for a new millennium: Affective and career education in SingaporeD'Rozario, Vilma; Jennings, Len; Khoo, Angeline
1989Pastoral care in British schools: Applications for SingaporeD'Rozario, Vilma; Chia, Lawrence
1988Pastoral care In British schools: Some lessons learnt for SingaporeD'Rozario, Vilma
Jul-1988Pastoral care in Singapore schools: Its concept and practiceTham, Elizabeth; D'Rozario, Vilma
Apr-1996Perceptions of counselor effectiveness: A study of two country groupsD'Rozario, Vilma
2000Portraits of outstanding and inadequate teachers in Singapore: the impactSkovholt, Thomas M.; D'Rozario, Vilma
2012Service learning using English language teaching in pre-service teacher education in SingaporeD'Rozario, Vilma; Low, Ee Ling ; Avila, Ava Patricia C.; Cheung, Stephane
Nov-1996A study of practicum-related stresses in a sample of first year studentD'Rozario, Vilma; Wong, Angela F. L.
2020Understanding educational and well-being implications of learning outside the classroom, specifically in wild habitatsD'Rozario, Vilma
Nov-1996The use of contemporary animated cartoon videos in groupwork to foster self-esteemD'Rozario, Vilma
Apr-1990Using the creative arts in the training of pastoral care-givers in SingaporeD'Rozario, Vilma; Khoo, Angeline; Soong, Cecilia Foong Har
Dec-1999What teachers do: Vignettes of groupwork in some Singapore primary classroomsChew, Joy Oon Ai; Ng, Maureen; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Ambrose-Yeoh, Audrey; Boo, Hong Kwen; D'Rozario, Vilma; Jacobs, George M.; Gallo, Patrick B.