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2011Applying an iMVT pedagogy to address student learning difficulties in forcesZhang, BaohuiSun, DanerFoong, See KitYe, XiaoxuanJunaidah binti JaffarHussein Topiwala
Jun-2010Developing an iMVT pedagogy for science learningZhang, BaohuiYe, XiaoxuanFoong, See KitChia, Peichun
Jul-2008Identification and development of investigative student laboratatory experiments for enhancement of learning ‘A’ level physicsFoong, See KitLim, Chim Chai
2011Influencing factors for secondary one students’ engagement in physics lessons, educational and career aspirations and the implicationsLoganantham KuppanMunirah Shaik KadirFoong, See KitYeung, Alexander Seeshing
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: Developing and implementing an inquiry-based curriculum for speed and densityLau, Chor YamFoong, See KitMunirah Shaik KadirWong, Darren Jon Sien
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: On secondary one students’ understanding of speedMunirah Shaik KadirFoong, See KitWong, Darren Jon SienLoganantham Kuppan
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: On secondary one students’ understanding of volume and densityWong, Darren Jon SienLim, Chim ChaiMunirah Shaik KadirFoong, See Kit
Jun-2009PbI1@School: On Singapore Secondary One students’ perception and understanding of work done and moment of forceMunirah Shaik KadirLim, JamesFoong, See KitPrasanthee RajendranLee, Paul Choon Keat
Oct-2005Some interesting / effective physics experiments for pre-university studentsFoong, See KitHo, Seng YongLim, Chim ChaiLin, KaiKuppan, Loganantham