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2011Applying an iMVT pedagogy to address student learning difficulties in forcesZhang, Baohui; Sun, Daner; Foong, See Kit; Ye, Xiaoxuan; Junaidah Jaffar; Hussein Topiwala
Jun-2010Developing an iMVT pedagogy for science learningZhang, Baohui; Ye, Xiaoxuan; Foong, See Kit; Chia, Peichun
Jul-2008Identification and development of investigative student laboratatory experiments for enhancement of learning ‘A’ level physicsFoong, See Kit; Lim, Chim Chai
2011Influencing factors for secondary one students’ engagement in physics lessons, educational and career aspirations and the implicationsLoganantham Kuppan; Munirah Shaik Kadir; Foong, See Kit; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: Developing and implementing an inquiry-based curriculum for speed and densityLau, Chor Yam; Foong, See Kit; Munirah Shaik Kadir; Wong, Darren Jon Sien
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: On secondary one students’ understanding of speedMunirah Shaik Kadir; Foong, See Kit; Wong, Darren Jon Sien; Loganantham Kuppan
2011PBI1@SCHOOL: On secondary one students’ understanding of volume and densityWong, Darren Jon Sien; Lim, Chim Chai; Munirah Shaik Kadir; Foong, See Kit
Jun-2009PbI1@School: On Singapore Secondary One students’ perception and understanding of work done and moment of forceMunirah Shaik Kadir; Lim, James; Foong, See Kit; Prasanthee Rajendran; Lee, Paul Choon Keat 
Oct-2005Some interesting / effective physics experiments for pre-university studentsFoong, See Kit; Ho, Seng Yong; Lim, Chim Chai; Lin, Kai; Kuppan, Loganantham