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2017Action research on the effect of descriptive and evaluative feedback order on student learning in a specialized mathematics and science secondary schoolChua, Hooi LingLee, Sheau HueyFulmer, Gavin William
2013Analyzing the FCI based on a force and motion learning progressionNeumann, IreneFulmer, Gavin WilliamLiang, Ling L.
2013Constraints on conceptual change: How elementary teachers’ attitudes and understanding of conceptual change relate to changes in students’ conceptionsFulmer, Gavin William
Oct-2013Contextual factors that affect Singapore secondary school teachers’ assessment literacyLee, Iris Chai HongFulmer, Gavin WilliamTan, Kelvin, 1967-
Apr-2014Contextual factors that affect teachers’ conceptions of assessment: Findings from a survey of Singaporean teachersFulmer, Gavin WilliamLee, Iris Chai HongTan, Kelvin, 1967-
2015Is it harder to know or to reason? Analyzing two-tier science assessment items using the Rasch measurement modelFulmer, Gavin WilliamChu, Hye-EunTreagust, David F.Neumann, Knut
2013Measuring model-based high school science instruction: Development and application of a student surveyFulmer, Gavin WilliamLiang, Ling L.
2019Perceptions, policies and practices: Assessment for learning in the Singapore context.Leong, Wei ShinTan, Kelvin, 1967-Tay, Hui YongDeneen, Christopher CharlesFulmer, Gavin WilliamLam, KarenLin, RongchanAnastasiya, Lipnevich
2013Refining methods for estimating critical values for an alignment indexFulmer, Gavin WilliamPolikoff, Morgan S.
2019Relationships among Singaporean secondary teachers’ conceptions of assessment and school and policy contextual factorsFulmer, Gavin WilliamTan, Kelvin, 1967-Lee, Iris Chai Hong
Sep-2013Study habits and mathematical performance of 15-year-old students in SingaporeShaljan AreepattamannilSu, Robyn Hing ChunGoh, Jonathan Wee PinFulmer, Gavin William
Apr-2012Testing cultural factors as predictors of international differences in academic achievementFulmer, Gavin William
Apr-2013Tests of alignment among assessment, standards, and instruction using generalized linear model regressionFulmer, Gavin William
2014Tests of alignment among assessment, standards, and instruction using generalized linear model regressionFulmer, Gavin WilliamPolikoff, Morgan S.
2014Undergraduates’ attitudes toward science and their epistemological beliefs: Positive effects of certainty and authority beliefsFulmer, Gavin William
2013Validating an assessment of students' understanding of force and motion concepts using a learning progression frameworkFulmer, Gavin William
2014Validating proposed learning progressions on force and motion using the force concept inventory: Findings from Singapore secondary schoolsFulmer, Gavin William