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2011Beginning teachers understanding performances of technology integrationGao, PingWong, Angela F. L.Choy, DorisWu, Jing
2011A blended collaborative writing approach for Chinese L2 primary school studentsWong, Lung HsiangChen, WenliChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenGao, Ping
Jun-2008Collaborative inquiry in co-constructing ICT-mediated curricula for Chinese literacy in Singapore contextWong, Lung HsiangGao, PingChai, Ching SingChin, Chee KuenChung, Tze Min
2009Developing a better understanding of technology based pedagogyGao, PingChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Wu, Jing
2010Developing leadership potential for technology integration: Perspectives of three beginning teachersGao, PingWong, Angela F. L.Choy, DorisWu, Jing
Apr-2011Engaging preservice teachers in reflexive practice: Developing embodied understanding of technology integrationGao, PingWong, Angela F. L.Tan, Seng Chee, 1965-Choy, Doris
2009Moving from TV broadcasting to e-learning: Contributions of distance education to teacher education in ChinaGao, PingZhang, Ruling
Dec-2010Nurturing preservice teachers’ understanding of technology-enhanced pedagogy through reflectionGao, PingTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Wong, Angela F. L.Choy, DorisWang, Long Long
2011Self reflection and preservice teachers’ technological pedagogical knowledge: Promoting earlier adoption of student-centred pedagogiesGao, PingTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Wang, Long LongWong, Angela F. L.Choy, Doris
Nov-2008Singapore's preservice teachers' perspectives in integrating information and communication technology (ICT) during practicumChoy, DorisWong, Angela F. L.Gao, Ping
Jun-2009V.S.P.O.W.: An innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung HsiangChin, Chee KuenChen, WenliGao, Ping