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2013Development of a toxicity bioassay using fertilisation in the green mussel, Perna viridis, from exposure to copper and cadmiumChan, Geraldine Shi Ling; Tan, Lynette Ying Yu; Goh, Beverly
2015Distribution and abundance of octocoral (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) communities at three southern islands of SingaporeSeah, Jason Zhi Sheng; Yap, Nicholas Wei Liang; Tan, Lik Tong; Goh, Beverly
2015Distribution and abundance of sea urchins in Singapore reefs and their potential ecological impacts on macroalgae and coral communitiesGoh, Beverly; Lim, Dawn Y. F.
2012The effect of benthic macroalgae on coral settlementLee, Co Sin; Walford, Juan; Goh, Beverly
2012The effects of in-situ water column nutrient enrichment on the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii (EHRENB.) Aschers.: A pilot study at St. John’s Island, SingaporeSuryati Mohamed Ali; Sin, Tsai Min; He, Jie; Goh, Beverly
2014Establishing the thermal threshold of the tropical mussel Perna viridis in the face of global warmingGoh, Beverly; Lai, C. H.
2014Handbook of marine ecotoxicology techniquesGoh, Beverly; Lai, Chien Houng; Tan, Lik Tong; Yap, Nicholas Wei Liang; Dissanayake, Awantha
1991Mortality and settlement success of Pocillopora damicornis planula larvae during recovery from low levels of nickelGoh, Beverly
2015Project-based learning: Engaging secondary school students in authentic environmental science researchTan, Lik Tong; Goh, Beverly; Yap, Nicholas Wei Liang
2012Reproductive seasonality of the reef building coral Platygyra Pini on Singapore’s reefsGuest, James R.; Chou, Loke Ming; Goh, Beverly
2015Sustaining excellence in biology competitions: Observations from SIBiol’s International Biology Olympiad Experience in the last five years, an SG50 commentaryGoh, Beverly; Ng, Ngan Kee; Fullwood, Melissa J.