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2013Development of a toxicity bioassay using fertilisation in the green mussel, Perna viridis, from exposure to copper and cadmiumChan, Geraldine Shi LingTan, Lynette Ying YuGoh, Beverly
2015Distribution and abundance of octocoral (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) communities at three southern islands of SingaporeSeah, Jason Zhi ShengYap, Nicholas Wei LiangTan, Lik TongGoh, Beverly
2015Distribution and abundance of sea urchins in Singapore reefs and their potential ecological impacts on macroalgae and coral communitiesGoh, BeverlyLim, Dawn Y. F.
2012The effect of benthic macroalgae on coral settlementLee, Co SinWalford, JuanGoh, Beverly
2012The effects of in-situ water column nutrient enrichment on the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii (EHRENB.) Aschers.: A pilot study at St. John’s Island, SingaporeSuryati Mohamed AliSin, Tsai MinHe, JieGoh, Beverly
2014Establishing the thermal threshold of the tropical mussel Perna viridis in the face of global warmingGoh, BeverlyLai, C. H.
2014Handbook of marine ecotoxicology techniquesGoh, BeverlyLai, Chien HoungTan, Lik TongYap, Nicholas Wei LiangDissanayake, Awantha
1991Mortality and settlement success of Pocillopora damicornis planula larvae during recovery from low levels of nickelGoh, Beverly
2015Project-based learning: Engaging secondary school students in authentic environmental science researchTan, Lik TongGoh, BeverlyYap, Nicholas Wei Liang
2012Reproductive seasonality of the reef building coral Platygyra Pini on Singapore’s reefsGuest, James R.Chou, Loke MingGoh, Beverly
2015Sustaining excellence in biology competitions: Observations from SIBiol’s International Biology Olympiad Experience in the last five years, an SG50 commentaryGoh, BeverlyNg, Ngan KeeFullwood, Melissa J.