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2004Effect of root-zone (RZ) CO2, on productivity and photosynthesis in aeroponically grown lettuce plantsHe, Jie; Austin, P. T.; Nichols, Michael A.; Lee, Sing Kong
2012The effects of in-situ water column nutrient enrichment on the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii (EHRENB.) Aschers.: A pilot study at St. John’s Island, SingaporeSuryati Mohamed Ali; Sin, Tsai Min; He, Jie; Goh, Beverly
2014Effects of NO3– availability on total productivity, root morphology, photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) recombinant inbred linesHe, Jie; Goh, S. -F.; Qin, Lin
2016An efficient method for adventitious root induction from stem segments of Brassica speciesSandhya Srikanth; Choong, Tsui Wei; Yan, An; He, Jie; Chen, Zhong
2016Growing different Lactuca genotypes aeroponically within a tropical greenhouse: Cool rootzone temperatures decreased rootzone Ethylene concentrations and increased shoot growthChoong, Tsui Wei; He, Jie; Lee, Sing Kong; Dodd, Ian C.
2015Growth irradiance effects on productivity, photosynthesis, nitrate accumulation and assimilation of aeroponically grown Brassica alboglabraHe, Jie; Lim, Lang Ing; Qin, Lin
2009Integrated effects of root-zone temperatures and phosphorus levels on aeroponically-grown lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in the tropicsLuo, Hong Yi; Lee, Sing Kong; He, Jie
2011Nitrate accumulation, productivity and photosynthesis of temperate butter head lettuce under different nitrate availabilities and growth irradiancesHe, Jie; Cheok, L.; Qin, Lin
2012Phosphorus deprivation effects on productivity, photosynthesis and carbohydrates accumulation in hydroponically grown Brassica Alboglabra Baileyat different growth stagesHe, Jie; You, X. -L.; Qin, Lin
2017Plant growth and photosynthetic characteristics of mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown aeroponically under different blue- and red-LEDs.He, Jie; Qin, Lin; Chong, Emma L. C.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Lee, Sing Kong
2016Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of Lactuca sativa in response to different durations of LED lightingHe, Jie; Kong, S. M.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Qin, Lin
2001Root to shoot communication in certain temperate and sub-tropical crops grown aeroponically in the tropicsHe, Jie; Lee, Sing Kong