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Dec-2010Asynchronous online discussion: Instructor facilitation vs. peer facilitationCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
2011Design and evaluation of two blended learning approaches: Lessons learnedCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
2002Evaluating the extent of participation and quality of thinking among pre-service teachers in an asynchronous online discussion environmentHew, Khe Foon
Nov-2008Examining facilitators' habits of mind and learners' participationCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
2010Examining facilitators’ habits of mind in an asynchronous online discussion environment: A two cases studyCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
2011Examining students’ affective commitment toward country: A case study of a Singapore primary schoolHew, Khe FoonCheung, Wing Sum
Apr-2010The impact of blogging and scaffolding on primary school pupils' narrative writing: A case studyWong, Ruth Mei FenHew, Khe Foon
Dec-2010The relationship between group size and advanced level knowledge construction in asynchronous online discussion environmentsHew, Khe FoonCheung, Wing Sum
2009A review of research methodologies used in studies on mobile handheld devices in K-12 and higher education settingsCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
2010Scaffolding interaction in asynchronous online discussion through peer facilitationNg, Connie Siew LingCheung, Wing SumHew, Khe Foon
Nov-2009Students' knowledge construction in asynchronous online discussions: Analysis of group size, duration of online discussion and facilitation techniquesHew, Khe FoonCheung, Wing Sum
2012Use of Facebook: A case study of Singapore students’ experienceHew, Khe FoonCheung, Wing Sum