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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Brainstorming: Sharpening the tool for more effective teachingHo, Boon Tiong
Dec-2000Case studies of beginning teachers: Their struggles, knowledge and beliefsHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok Aun
Nov-1997Characteristics of effective schools: Comparing teachers’ perceptions with the 1987 schools excellence reportHo, Boon TiongLow, Guat Tin
Dec-2001Curriculum reforms in a changing education system: A case of a physics curriculum package in SingaporeChew, CharlesHo, Boon Tiong
2003Development of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)Ho, Boon Tiong
Dec-1999Differences in eighth graders’ strategies in performance assessment tasksToh, Kok AunHo, Boon Tiong
May-2002Engaging science experiments for student-centred instruction: Shifting paradigms and building learning communitiesHo, Boon TiongChew, Charles
Jun-2007Fostering critical thinking and effecting the transfer of thinking in English language, maths and science in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook CheongSeet, Jun FengLee, Ngan HoeNetto-Shek, Jo-AnnLeong, Cedric Kai WahHo, Boon Tiong
May-2005Fostering critical thinking in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook CheongLee, Ngan HoeNetto-Shek, Jo-AnnHo, Boon TiongAng, Wai-hoongLeong, Cedric Kai WahSeet, Jun Feng
Sep-2000Impact of teachers’ knowledge and beliefs on classroom practicesHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok Aun
1999Issues in character education: A conservative or liberal view?Ho, Boon Tiong
Nov-2006Physical science misconceptions: Moving from identification to interventionRiley, Joseph PhilipYap, Kueh ChinToh, Kok AunBoo, Hong KwenHo, Boon Tiong
Dec-2001Practising reflective teaching: A personal journey of professional developmentHo, Boon Tiong
2005Pre-service primary teachers' constructed knowledge of physical science concepts in Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S.Riley, Joseph PhilipBoo, Hong KwenHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok AunYap, Kueh ChinButler, MalcolmTung, Hsing HsiungChao, Ti Hsiung
Nov-2004Pre-service teachers misconceptions of selected physical science concepts: Assessment and interventionRiley, Joseph PhilipBoo, Hong KwenHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok AunYap, Kueh Chin
2002Primary school teachers’ understanding of scientific conceptsToh, Kok AunChew, CharlesLow, Siew HsienHo, Boon TiongWan, Yoke Kum
May-2002Reflections on conversationsHo, Boon Tiong
Nov-2006Reflective practices in secondary school scienceTan, Kok SiangHo, Boon Tiong
May-2002The role of teachers in the 21st century classrooms: From consumerism to trend-settingHo, Boon TiongToh, Kok Aun
1997Secondary school teachers' perceptions of the characteristics of good schoolsHo, Boon Tiong