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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Brainstorming: Sharpening the tool for more effective teachingHo, Boon Tiong
Dec-2000Case studies of beginning teachers: Their struggles, knowledge and beliefsHo, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun
Nov-1997Characteristics of effective schools: Comparing teachers’ perceptions with the 1987 schools excellence reportHo, Boon Tiong; Low, Guat Tin
Dec-2001Curriculum reforms in a changing education system: A case of a physics curriculum package in SingaporeChew, Charles; Ho, Boon Tiong
2003Development of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK)Ho, Boon Tiong
Dec-1999Differences in eighth graders’ strategies in performance assessment tasksToh, Kok Aun; Ho, Boon Tiong
May-2002Engaging science experiments for student-centred instruction: Shifting paradigms and building learning communitiesHo, Boon Tiong; Chew, Charles
Jun-2007Fostering critical thinking and effecting the transfer of thinking in English language, maths and science in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Seet, Jun Feng; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Ho, Boon Tiong
May-2005Fostering critical thinking in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann; Ho, Boon Tiong; Ang, Wai Hoong; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Seet, Jun Feng
Sep-2000Impact of teachers’ knowledge and beliefs on classroom practicesHo, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun
1999Issues in character education: A conservative or liberal view?Ho, Boon Tiong
Nov-2006Physical science misconceptions: Moving from identification to interventionRiley, Joseph Philip; Yap, Kueh Chin; Toh, Kok Aun; Boo, Hong Kwen; Ho, Boon Tiong
Dec-2001Practising reflective teaching: A personal journey of professional developmentHo, Boon Tiong
2005Pre-service primary teachers' constructed knowledge of physical science concepts in Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S.Riley, Joseph Philip; Boo, Hong Kwen; Ho, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun; Yap, Kueh Chin; Butler, Malcolm; Tung, Hsing Hsiung; Chao, Ti Hsiung
Nov-2004Pre-service teachers misconceptions of selected physical science concepts: Assessment and interventionRiley, Joseph Philip; Boo, Hong Kwen; Ho, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun; Yap, Kueh Chin
2002Primary school teachers’ understanding of scientific conceptsToh, Kok Aun; Chew, Charles; Low, Siew Hsien; Ho, Boon Tiong; Wan, Yoke Kum
May-2002Reflections on conversationsHo, Boon Tiong
Nov-2006Reflective practices in secondary school scienceTan, Kok Siang ; Ho, Boon Tiong
May-2002The role of teachers in the 21st century classrooms: From consumerism to trend-settingHo, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun
1997Secondary school teachers' perceptions of the characteristics of good schoolsHo, Boon Tiong