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Aug-2011Design and implementation of a student-generated virtual museum in a language curriculum to enhance collaborative multimodal meaning-makingHo, Caroline Mei LinNelson, Mark EvanMuller-Wittig, Wolfgang
Dec-2009Designing and implementing virtual enactive role-play and structured argumentation: Promises and pitfallsHo, Caroline Mei LinRappa, Natasha AnneChee, Yam San
1994Discourse features and strategies in students' writing at junior college levelHo, Caroline Mei Lin
Jan-2009Do Singaporean youth use language differently? Gender and language use in personal weblogsHo, Caroline Mei LinChionh, Fiona Jin Ping
31-Jul-2011Engagement, expression and embodiment: Bridging multimodal literacies and language arts through constructing an interactive virtual museumHo, Caroline Mei Lin
2007Globalization in the language classroom: The case of the Waga Waga IslandsHo, Caroline Mei Lin
Dec-2007The impact of structured argumentation and enactive role play on students’ argumentative writing skillsAzilawati JamaludinHo, Caroline Mei LinChee, Yam San
1997The internet and English language teachingHo, Caroline Mei Lin
2005Many in one - one in many: Towards construction of community in an electronic discussion forumHo, Caroline Mei Lin
2011Multimodal meaning-making in the new media age: The case of a language-based design research interventionHo, Caroline Mei Lin
Jan-2011Students’ construction of a virtual museum for multimodal meaning-making: The case of a pilot interventionHo, Caroline Mei LinNelson, Mark Evan
2008Toward exploring errors in grammar: A systematic approach for language teachersHo, Caroline Mei Lin
2004Viva la viva! Towards an oral defence of student project-based presentationsHo, Caroline Mei Lin
Jul-2010What's in a question? The case of students' enactments in the Second LifeHo, Caroline Mei Lin