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2019Blended learning environments to support teacher professional development communitiesKoh, ElizabethHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenImran ShaariSeow, Peter Sen KeeTeow, LyndiaNorhayati Munir
2017Culturally relevant education for a multicultural SingaporeHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenHong, HelenGilbert, Connor
2012Distributed leadership in ICT reformNg, David Foo SeongHo, Jeanne Marie Pau Yuen
2016Distributed leadership through the lens of Activity TheoryHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenChen, Victor Der-ThanqNg, David Foo Seong
2018Historical development of educational leadership in SingaporeHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenKoh, Thiam Seng
2009How leadership for an ICT reform is distributed within a school and its impact on teachers’ use of ICTHo, Jeanne Marie Pau Yuen
2020Leadership of professional learning communities in Singapore schools: The tight loose balanceHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenOng, Monica Woei LingTan, Liang See
Jul-2019Local evidence synthesis on school leadershipHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenHairon SallehChua, Puay Huat
2019Professional learning communities in Singapore schools: The current practice and possibilities for teacher practice and student learning.Tan, Liang SeeHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenOng, Monica Woei LingWong, Hwei MingOnishi, Pamela Grace CostesTeng, Siao SeeTan, Jing YiChia, Terence Titus Song AnSivakumar ViswanathanGoh, Sao-Ee
2013School leadership in ICT implementation: Perspectives from SingaporeChen, WenliHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenNg, David Foo Seong
2019Successful principalship: Beyond leadership practice and teacher agencyHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenChua, Paul Meng-Huat
2020Teacher inquiry about pedagogical practices: A case study of a Singapore school.Lee, Shu-ShingHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenOng, Monica Woei LingJang, HariLim, Qing
2017Tensions in distributed leadershipHo, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenNg, David Foo Seong
2020Vice-principals in Singapore: Key leadership roles, enablers and constraints.Ho, Jeanne Marie Pau YuenKang, TrivinaImran Sha'ariKu, Daryl