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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Book review: All our children learning by Benjamin S BloomHo, Wah Kam
Nov-1994The centre-periphery paradigm and indigenisation in educationHo, Wah Kam
Dec-1992Change and continuity in teacher education in SingaporeHo, Wah Kam
1997Computerized Adaptive Testing in reading comprehensionLim, Tock Keng; Ho, Wah Kam; Wong, Patricia J. Y.
1983Continuity and discontinuity between training and school experience: Follow-up studies of former students of the InstituteHo, Wah Kam; Poon, Tsui Yeong; Skuja-Steele, Rita; Ooi, Hui Pin; Teo, Suan Eng; Mah, Hazel; Lim-Quek, Muriel; Chan, Kathleen; Muthu, Wallace; Kirkpatrick, T. A.; Soh, Kay Cheng; Foo, Chee Min
Apr-1991Continuity and discontinuity in the development of teacher education research in SingaporeHo, Wah Kam
Nov-1996The developing teacher: Reassessing classroom practicesTay-Koay, Siew Luan; Ho, Wah Kam; Lim-Quek, Muriel; Wong, Lily Yee Sheung
1985The follow-up studies project: A brief reportHo, Wah Kam
1988Functional objectives in language learning project: An interim reportHo, Wah Kam
Nov-1994Impact of metalearning intervention on problem-solving and achievement in mathematics, science and social studiesChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Ho, Wah Kam; Goh, Ngoh Khang; Chia, Lian Sai
1990The influence of western theories on educational practice in Singapore: The case of curriculum planning and developmentHo, Wah Kam
1998Keeping your literature review pertinent and objectiveHo, Wah Kam
1985Local language-related research: Some trends and issuesHo, Wah Kam
Jul-1995Notions of literacy and cultural awareness for student teachersHo, Wah Kam; Cheah, Yin Mee
-Policy directions and programme thrusts in Singapore: Implications for teacher educationHo, Wah Kam
Sep-1991The practicum in teacher educationHo, Wah Kam
1989School-focussed research: Action research and other perspectivesHo, Wah Kam
Sep-1992Singapore students are rote learners: Fact or myth?Chang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Ho, Wah Kam
1988The social organization of schools: A multi-level perspectiveHo, Wah Kam
1990Teacher selection research: The Singapore experienceSoh, Kay Cheng; Ho, Wah Kam