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2015Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract: Surveying its origins and charting its futureLeong, Yew HoongHo, Weng KinCheng, Lu Pien
2015Developing computational thinking through codingHo, Weng KinAng, Keng Cheng
Dec-2013Exact real calculator for everyoneHo, Weng Kin
2020Four solutions of a geometry problemToh, Pee ChoonHo, Weng KinLeong, Yew HoongTay, Eng GuanTong, Cherng Luen
2020The groundhog problemHo, Weng KinLiljedahl, Peter
2018The Ho-Zhao problemHo, Weng KinGoubault-Larrecq, JeanJung, AchimXi, Xiaoyong
Oct-2012An introduction to topology and its applications: A new approachHo, Weng Kin
2009Lattices of Scott-closed setsHo, Weng KinZhao, Dongsheng
2015Learning through “plane punctuality”Ho, Weng Kin
2009Operational domain theory and topology of a sequential programming languageEscardó, MartínHo, Weng Kin
2019Passing a proof message: Student-teacher communication through a commognitive lensHo, Weng KinLim, Seo HongTay, Eng GuanLeong, Yew HoongTeo, Kok Ming
2012Pre-service teachers’ use of symmetry of quadratic graphs in problem solvingHo, Weng KinHo, Foo HimDindyal, Jaguthsing
Jul-2017Reading mathematics: A holistic curriculum approachHo, Weng KinTeo, Kok MingZhao, DongshengYap, Romina Ann SoonTay, Eng GuanToh, Pee ChoonToh, Tin LamCheang, Wai KwongZhu, YingDong, F. M., 1962-Shutler, PaulQuek, Khiok Seng
2016Strong completions of spacesAndradi, HadrianHo, Weng Kin
2001Theory of framesHo, Weng Kin
2019A topological Scott Convergence TheoremAndradi, HadrianHo, Weng Kin
2010When exactly is Scott sober?Ho, Weng KinZhao, Dongsheng